Maximizing the Use of Facebook's Business Manager for Online Marketing

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The Business Manager of Facebook has become a key pillar for managing marketing activities on this platform. This tool is designed to provide a centralized and organized experience for those who manage multiple business entities on Facebook. With a wide range of features and tools, the Business Manager allows you to manage pages, ad accounts, pixels, Instagram accounts and more, providing detailed control over who has access to what.

Definition and Main Features of the Business Manager

Facebook's Business Manager is not just a collection point for business entities; it is an infrastructure that simplifies and enhances the management of those assets. Its utility extends from access management to the ability to share resources among various accounts. It allows you to:

  • Create and Manage Corporate Accounts: Provides a dedicated environment for managing multiple pages and advertising accounts, without the need for a direct link to a personal account.
  • Sharing Resources between Different Business Entities: Attraverso il Business Manager, è possibile condividere pixel, cataloghi e pubblici personalizzati tra varie entità. Ciò consente una maggiore efficienza nelle strategies di marketing.
  • Manage Access and Permissions: Provides precise control over who has access to specific corporate resources and allows access to be revoked quickly.

Steps for Using the Business Manager

  1. Creating the Account Business Manager: To get started, log on to Business Manager and create an account dedicated to your business.
  2. Adding Pages and Advertising Accounts: Once the Business Manager is set up, you can add your existing advertising pages and accounts to manage them in one place.
  3. Access and Authorization Management: Use access management features to grant specific permissions to employees or contractors.
  4. Taking advantage of Advanced Features: Learn more about using advanced features such as Custom Audiences, Pixels, Catalogs and more to enhance your marketing strategies.
  5. Maximizing Efficiency: Leverages the centralization offered by the Business Manager to optimize marketing activities by sharing and managing resources efficiently among different business entities.

Importance of the Business Manager in the Current Context

Facebook is increasingly pushing for the use of the Business Manager, making some features exclusive and accessible only through this tool. This highlights the growing importance of using the Business Manager to safely and professionally manage marketing activities on Facebook.


In conclusion, the Business Manager has become an indispensable tool for online marketers. Its ability to centralize and simplify the management of business activities on Facebook provides a clear distinction between those who manage their campaigns amateurishly and those who take a professional, structured approach.

By making the most of Business Manager, marketers can optimize their strategies, precisely manage access, and take full advantage of the advanced features offered by the platform.

The Facebook Business Manager is a valuable ally for those seeking to achieve success in their online marketing efforts on this social platform.

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