Your privacy is important to Gianluca Gentile and we don’t share it. Sometimes we need information to provide services that you request. and we believes that users have all right to know its policies. and this privacy statement applies to Gianluca Gentile and its products. What information we use and how we use it.

Application if Permission (Allowed) :– Some applications need permission to work properly wihout any issues with full functions. we will describe how we use this permission if allowed in our application as listed below.

Storage :

– We use storage to store files or document or any kind of media when user requested. we don’t store any kind of files without user permission. and user have all right to (rename/share/delete) files at any time.

Camera :

– We use camera to take capture to manage it in our application like modifing or make some effects or create a document PDF from Images. and user have all right to share it or not.

WebView :

– We use WebView to explore websites to getting data. some applications require your login information in WebView for specific websites to be able to backup your files media from it.
– We don’t store any information you have provide within WebView and we don’t use some script (JavaScript) to getting your information. we use script to getting Data only from Website and showed to the user.


– We use Admob SDK as Advertiser in our application for more details Please check theirs privacy policy at this link :
– We use some Websites for supporting our applications but we don’t use them to collect any kind of user data. we just use them to gathering data and showed to the user.

Contact us

If you have any suggestions, feedback or requests. please contact us on our email us at [email protected]