Programming Languages

Programming languages are used to develop Websites, Apps and software

Framework php

Frameworks help the development of applications in php, these are the ones known and used by me
        • CodeIgniter70%
Codeigniter has clear and precise documentation. Some features that make it special are the ability to install it on any linux hosting service, the absence of strict rules for writing php code, and the simplicity of its template system.

CMS I work with

CMS (content management system in Italian), is a software tool, installed on a web server, whose job is to facilitate content management of a website
        • Wordpress100%
Spelled C# and pronounced C-sharp, this is the programming language designed and launched on the market in early 2000, currently its version is 6.0. C# is I am being realized and developed in the .NET project by Microsoft and is an object-oriented programming language.

Programs I use

When I'm not working with code, I use software to facilitate or improve some products or services