Web Sites Realization

There official page of a company is the main gateway to the network. A real business card. A virtual sign that needs to be taken care of and managed by professionals. A no small advantage, which guarantees wide visibility. Interaction between company and customer is indulged, nullifying that sense of detachment and skepticism.

There creation of a good website can go through several stages: Domain, Web Space, CMS, Template, Plugins and Text are just some of the aspects that need to be addressed during the creation of a website.

I normally divide the website creation in 3 types: Web Site, Web Project, and Online Investment.

This type of division is the result of years of experience in the industry that led me to divide my clients into 3 phases and thus into 3 different types of service.

Plugin and Software Development in PHP

Nowadays, anyone can make a website. If we divide the stages of creation of a website and search for them on the net, we can find all the material we need to begin the implementation of our website. The problem is not so much the realization of the site, but the feature development.

Some implementation techniques require knowledge of programming languages that cannot be learned through simple online guides, but are the result of study and experience in the field.

A good website must not only be graphically beautiful but must adopt solutions that make life easier for the company and its customers. Use API "application programming interface" or in our language "application programming interface" is a communication system that allows you to use external technologies such as Management, Services, Websites and more in your own Web site.

In order to integrate these kinds of technologies, many times there is a need to make special software or a plugin/module that integrates with one's own website. The service of Plugin and Software Development in PHP offers just that, namely, a way to automate and simplify one's Company.

Android & iOS App Development

Anyone who is currently in possession of a smartphone. The high popularity of this device represents an excellent opportunity to do business, particularly through the implementation of a'business app.

It ensures a large-scale spread of one's brand, with rapid brand advertising coupled with the delivery of user services. Our systems ensure total efficiency, with instant notifications, offline usability, and a straightforward user experience. All at the click of a button.

Let's make some Android and iOS app development our core business, making our know-how and experience in the field available to companies.

Google Ads & Facebook ADS Campaigns

Google Ads is the ideal platform for advertising one's brand. Through the implementation of search engine advertisements and the choice of the most appropriate keywords (SEO-relevant keywords), brand identification on search engines is facilitated.

Facebook Ads, the same concept also applies to the world's best-known social network, with the creation of advertisements shown within the platform. Ads that, taking into account numerous factors and intended for a very specific market segment to search (age of potential customers, territorial area, types of service, etc.), so as to optimize their views. There is the possibility to choose where to have the ad appear, the format, and view the relevant statistics.

We provide our experience in creating and managing Google ADS & Facebook ADS Campaigns, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand.

Content Realization & SEO

Using the right words, in the right way, but in the right context. To promote a web content some aptitude for ars oratoria, whether written or spoken, is essential. However, this is not enough to have quality content, especially in the online sphere. Certain provisions must be adhered to in order to increase the number of views of one's web page and convey more of one's brand name. These are some tricks that must be employed correctly in order to optimize one's advertising activity and make communication more effective.

We are talking about SEO guidelines, with which to index a site among the first results of search engines. Parameters that allow you to increase visits on your web page: use of keywords in various contexts, appropriate length of periods, text, paragraphs, titles, subtitles, inclusion of images related to the topic, etc.

Our expertise in the content creation and SEO will allow you to make the most of these guidelines, maximizing the visibility of your web page.

Graphics & Printing

Despite the advent of the web, the graphics and printing still represent the ultimate advertising medium for many activities. For this reason, I have decided to continue to offer this service for all those activities that need graphic support for the creation of merchandising and various advertising materials.

Thanks to my experience, I have created graphic "drafts" over the years that can be reused for one's own business, allowing me to lower the cost and time to produce a product.

Fast and high quality printing! This is what I often hear from my customers. For this reason, I rely on partners for printing who offer fast, quality printing service with some of the lowest prices on the market.

I corrected some grammatical errors (mainly related to punctuation) and added the keyword "graphics and printing" in the text. In addition, I bolded the most important parts of the text.

Remote Assistance

I started this work by building and repairing PCs in my bedroom. Soon thereafter, with the arrival of the ADSL line, I started creating my first sites. My passion for computers is the basis of my education and it is the same passion that drives me to learn and learn about new hardware components and new software for Windows and Mac.

Because of my cultural background, I can offer a service of remote assistance to my clients to solve the most common problems in their computers. Remote assistance not only solves problems quickly, but also offers the convenience of not having to physically bring the computer to a service center.

Gianluca Gentile