Amazon ASINs, let's find out what they are

Amazon Asin let's find out what it is
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16Amazon ASIN (standard identification number)

Amazon's Asin is a reference code for Amazon's internal catalog. Each Asin is associated with a product and tracks its publication, modification, and eventual deletion. The Asin code consists of 10 characters (letters and digits), while for the book category the characters are 10 digits and is often associated with the ISBN code.

With the Asin code you can trace the product directly in the "search" item.

Do ASINs matter to Amazon affiliates?

Si sono molto importarti. Qualora tu avessi già sperimentato la creazione di link di affiliazione per specifici prodotti sul tuo website, avrai già avuto l’occasione di selezionare un ASIN. Infatti non solo Amazon, ma quasi tutti i siti che offrono programmi di affiliazione lavorano con Asin, soprattutto se si lavora con temi o plugin specifici.

Here is how you present Asin of a product on Amazon pages

Where do you place the ASIN of a specific product?

The ASIN is well detailed on almost every Amazon product page. You can find specific Asins in the "Product Details" section, or in the "View More Product Details" tab. In addition to the Asin (and Isbn code if they are books), in the section you can find customer reviews, average reviews with "stars," Amazon Bestseller ranking, and more details about the product specifications.

A product has its own URL and the ASIN is also indicated in the respective URL. You can in fact find the code in the url but not in the "product details." However, in the url the Asin is also outlined and you only need to look for the ten characters of letters and digits (or 10 digits in case of books) inserted between two slanted bars (/). Here you will find the Asin of each product. Usually the Asin is highlighted in bold, like the examples we provide:


For some products you can find after the ASIN of other characters in the URL, such as:


In any case, if you are not sure that you have found the correct Asin, we recommend that you type it into the "search" box and check if the corresponding product is the right one.

ASIN Variations

Please note that each product has a different Asin code. If you have a product available in different colors or with different technical features, each of these variations will have an associated Asin code. Usually each code associated with product variations causes the Asin to be specified on the variation page, just as the Asin may be different from the URL to which it refers.

Here is an example : Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone

The Url specified on the page with the corresponding Asin refers to the cell phone with 32gb memory. If the smartphone is available in different colors, different memory cards, etc. each variation will be dedicated a different Asin, but the Url is the same for all since it is still the same smartphone.

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