Best Smartphones 2021: which model to buy

best android smartphone 2021
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Best smartphones 2021: which devices are the most popular among users that have ensured truly excellent performance based on their value for money.

Two thousand and one has been a very prosperous year as far as smartphones are concerned, with dozens and dozens of cell phones put on the market by the major manufacturers on the planet. In fact, terminals of all price ranges, from the top of the range to the so-called entry level, have been presented every quarter. With the arrival of 2022 now the time has come to draw conclusions, analyzing the most important terminals prodotti da gennaio a dicembre. Un elenco dei principali modelli che hanno destato un certo interesse tra i consumers e che suddivideremo per fasce di prezzo.

Best smartphones 2021

Before going to take a closer look at the best smartphones of 2021, it is necessary to mention those brands that hit the mark with attractive and truly functional models. Oppo and its sub-brand Realme have grown by leaps and bounds, gaining a considerable share of the European market, especially in Italy.

best smartphones 2021

Merit for models suitable for all budgets distinguished by a software and hardware compartment of the highest respect. Very good as well Samsung which, although slightly down, remains the industry leader in terms of number of sales, followed by Apple And Xiaomi. Of note is the growth of the Chinese brand Alive (sponsor of Euro 2020) and Motorola, back on the crest of the wave.

Bad Huawei, with sales slumping sharply due to the absence of Google services. Farewell instead to LG's mobile division occurred as early as the middle of the semester. Notable mention for Asus, capable of marketing a top-of-the-line model with reduced screen size.

Which smartphone to buy?

Now we see the best smartphones 2021 starting from entry level models up to the top of the range:

  • Oppo A16

  • Samsung Galaxy A12

  • Xiaomi Redmi note 10s

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

  • Realme 8 Pro

  • Realme GT Master Edition

  • Samsung A52s

  • Realme GT Neo 2

  • Asus Zenfone 8

  • Samsung Galaxy S21

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

  • Iphone 13

  • Iphone 13 pro

  • Iphone 13 Miini

  • Iphine 13 Pro Max

  • One Plus 9

  • One Plus 9 Pro

  • Xiaomi 11 i

    • Xiaomi 11

    • Xiaomi 11 T

  • Xiaomi 11 T Pro

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