Brave the secure browser that also makes you money

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Brave è un browser basato su Chrorium lo stesso codice sorgente utilizzato da Google Chrome, ma brave ha fatto di più… molto di più.

Brave is a browser tied to a cryptocurrency called BAT a but as of today (22/03/2021) it is worth about 0.9837 € but the great thing is that you can earn BAT just by using the browser on your pc and smartphone, yes you heard right you earn Bat by doing what you do every day!

But why should you use Brave?

Brave è un browser incentrato sulla sicurezza che blocca automaticamente tutte i vari cookie presenti su qualsiasi website che voi visiate con la possibilità di sbloccare i cookie di un sito web specifico in caso di problemi di visualizzazioni o altre funzionalità.

Cookie Blocking via BRAVE Browser

Here's how Brave blocks cookies on a website.

Brave not only protects your privacy but increases your browsing speed and eliminates the obnoxious banners we now see all the time on any website!
I already know what's going through your minds at this point, websites how do they make money? and Brave what does he pay me for? let's go step by step:

  1. Any content publisher website can register on the brave via this link:
  2. The publisher will enter the Brave circuit and may receive BAT donation from users who visit its website, this is to spur the publisher to produce content.
  3. Users will be able to purchase these BAT via one's credit card, bank transfer or by converting other cryptocurrencies to BAT or by earning them using the browser BRAVE.
  4. Users can earn BAT by using the browser but more specifically by looking at advertisements sent by BRAVE such as the push notification system, each display of an advertisement equals 0.10 BAT and Brave is committed to not continually sending us these notifications, which can also be blocked or restricted.
  5. Companies can purchase the push notification delivery service via this link:
    Since users are paid to watch these advertisements they will surely click and view the website in order to earn BAT.

This is basically the process that revolves around BRAVE and its BAT cryptocurrency, but BRAVE is not only a great product for earning cryptocurrencies per se it is a great browser that guarantees anonymity to those who use it and enjoys an incognito mode called TOR that protects browsing even more!

In short, BRAVE is a project that has all the makings of a performing browser and a great cryptocurrency.

See the current trend of the BAT from this link:


Although BRAVE has received a few minor problems or scandals over time it is just as safe as using Chrome, what is certain is that it works a bit as an Ad BLOCK and protects us from any advertisements while browsing, at the time of writing the coin is in strong gain and this is a testament to the foundation of the project which is not only connected to a financial speculation talk but uses the Blockchain for real software that can help protect us from the big advertising biggies like Google and Facebook.

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