Chinese Culture, Work Experience, and Collaboration - A Perspective from Alibaba

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Chinese cultural context is a key element in understanding AliExpress and the corporate landscape of Alibaba. Working at the headquarters in Hangzhou, as recounted by Senior Content Manager Gianluca Fracasso, presents significant challenges and opportunities. The details shared by Fracasso provide an enlightening perspective on how to approach and understand the Chinese mindset to create effective working partnerships.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a online market which connects international buyers and sellers. It offers a wide selection of products, from electronics to clothes, gadgets to household items, and more. It is particularly known for the affordable prices and thewide variety Of available items. AliExpress is a platform of e-commerce known worldwide for its wide range of products at affordable prices. Founded in 2010, it is part of the Alibaba and offers buyers the opportunity to purchase products directly from manufacturers in China and other parts of the world.

Initial Challenges and Adaptation to Chinese Culture.

Gianluca Fracasso, senior content manager at AliExpress, pointed out the initial challenges relative alla lingua e alla cultura cinese. Afferma che comprendere il linguaggio è cruciale non solo per interpretare i comportamenti, ma anche il mindset cinese. L’adattamento alla cultura cinese richiede non solo la comprensione delle usanze e della storia, ma anche l’analisi dei processi decisionali aziendali, delle relazioni sociali e delle strategies di giganti come Alibaba And Tencent. This adaptation is critical for a sustained success in China.

Socio-Cultural Differences between Europe and China

Fracasso highlights the Socio-cultural differences between Europe and China, emphasizing thedigital orientation and resourcefulness of Chinese citizens, as well as the strong collective identity of the country. In addition, China is distinguished by a more future-oriented perspective, with an entrenched and stable central government that plans strategic development in five-year cycles. This contrasts with some European countries that, according to Fracasso, have a greater propensity to look backward.

Working in Chinese Companies - Tips and Prospects

For those wishing to work in Chinese companies, Fracasso recommends carefully considering personal motivations and inclinations. Working in China involves sacrifices and challenges, but it also offers a unique opportunity to learn on the job the complexity of the Chinese market. He suggests identifying an area of interest and creating an action plan to fit into the Chinese business environment.

Possible Collaborations with TikTok

Riguardo a possibili collaborazioni tra Alibaba/AliExpress e TikTok, Fracasso evidenzia le differenze tra i due ecosistemi. Attualmente, la stretta competizione non favorisce una collaborazione diretta, ma Alibaba sta esplorando formati simili a quelli di TikTok, coinvolgendo influencer per portare traffico alla piattaforma.

Training Path and Workday

Fracasso points out that his educational background, featuring a degree in Chinese history and culture, combined with travel experiences and a marketing course, paved the way for him to tackle the Chinese business environment. His workday focuses on content management for AliExpress, involving a multilingual in-house team and collaborators scattered around the world. The team follows methodologies such as OKR to define objectives and key results, investing in projects based on numerical data.


Gianluca Fracasso's experience at Alibaba and AliExpress provides detailed insight into the challenges and opportunities in the Chinese business environment. His personal story and educational background demonstrate the importance of understanding the culture and language, as well as continued adaptability and flexibility in his work approach.

Final Notes

This interview with Gianluca Fracasso provides valuable perspective on Chinese corporate culture and how it influences AliExpress strategies. The socio-cultural context, initial challenges, and concrete advice offer significant insights for those who aspire to enter the Chinese corporate environment or wish to better understand the workings and culture of companies like Alibaba.

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