How to edit a photo with the best programs and apps

What program to use to edit photos
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How to edit a photo: mobile apps and the best online programs to use to improve the quality of your images.

Photo editing is a common activity for many digital device users. It allows you to customize your images, improving their appearance and making them more appealing and professional. The good news is that you don't have to be a professional to optimize the quality of your shots in a creative and eye-catching way. In this article, we will show you how to edit images using the best digital devices and editing apps, simple and affordable tools, and also provide you with some techniques to edit your photos effectively and some useful tools to do so.

How to edit a photo: what to know first

Before editing a photo, it is important to understand the importance of the original image quality. A good quality photo provides a solid basis for editing, making sure the final photo is sharp and detailed. When taking a photo, be sure to pay attention to lighting, angle, and composition. A well-composed and well-lit image Can make a difference in the final outcome.

Once you have taken the photo, you can start editing it. The first step is to choose a editing tool suitable for your needs. Popular editing software includes Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, GIMP, and Pixelmator, but there are also many free online editing tools such as Pixlr and Canva. Choose a tool that suits your editing needs and skills.

The second step is to use them in the correct way and especially without losing the functionality they offer. There are many techniques editing tools you can use to modify the image, including adjusting brightness and contrast, eliminating red eye, correcting color, and removing blemishes. You can also use advanced tools such as retouching, overlaying layers, adding filters, and manipulating text to create even more customized images.

Finally, once you have finished editing your photo, save it in a format suitable for your purpose. If it is intended to be shared online, choose it in JPEG format to reduce the file size and ensure easy viewing on different devices. If, on the other hand, it is intended for printing, save it in TIFF or PNG format to ensure maximum image quality.

What program to use to edit photos?

That said, let's go on to see how to edit a photo. Photoshop certainly ranks among the best solutions in this regard, and I recommend reading this in-depth guide if you decide to rely on this tool. But along with it there are many other programs at your disposal.

Here are some of the best programs for editing images that stand out for their reliability and functionality:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express: is a free online version of the popular image editing program. It offers a wide range of basic tools, including automatic color correction, cropping, resizing and filters.
  • Canva: is an online graphic design editor that also offers a wide range of photo editing tools. It includes features such as cropping, adjusting brightness and saturation, applying filters, and more.

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  • Fotor: free online photo editing program that offers a wide range of basic tools, including brightness and contrast adjustment, automatic color correction, cropping, resizing and filters.
  • Pixlr: another free online photo editing application that offers a wide range of basic tools. It includes features such as brightness and saturation adjustment, cropping, red-eye correction and filter application.
  • BeFunky: also free, offers a wide range of basic tools. It includes features such as cropping, adjusting brightness and saturation, correcting red eye, applying filters, and adding text to images.

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What about among photo editing apps?

There is certainly no shortage of applications for mobile devices:

  • Adobe Lightroom: is a free, professional photo editing app that offers a wide range of advanced editing tools such as selective correction, blemish removal and color adjustment.
  • Snapseed: offers a wide range of features, including cropping, adjusting brightness, saturation and color temperature, applying filters, and more.

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  • VSCO: easy to use, features a wide range of editing tools, including adjusting brightness, saturation and color temperature, applying filters and creating custom presets.


In conclusion, photo editing is a task that requires patience and skill, but it can yield amazing results. With a little practice and the use of the right tools, you can turn your photos into customized and professional images. Remember to choose the right editing tool for your needs and pay attention to the quality of the original image, making sure it offers an intuitive user experience. By the way, regarding how to edit a photo, a high-quality result allows for better search engine rankings.

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