How to recover a suspended Twitter account

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How to Recover a Suspended Twitter Account - As with other social media, Twitter can suspend an Account.

If it happened to you first you need to know why and whether Twitter rules were broken : because Twitter thought the account was hacked, or it may just be a system error.
The only way to get your active account back is to appeal. If you are in the certainty that you have been wronged, you can fill out theTwitter Account Suspension Form.

You should know that Twitter will ask anahce for personal data and eventually send you an email explaining. The search time is crica one or two days. If it turns out to be an error, your Account will be immediately restored with a reactivation email.

Have you been unable to do the restore ? Are you having problems with the restore ? Need help with your site ? Contact us and our support service will get back to you as soon as possible.

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