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In the panorama of shopping and of online sales, stands as a fundamental point of reference for millions of users eager for safe and reliable transactions. In a world where e-commerce is constantly growing, Subito offers an innovative and practical service that facilitates the buying and selling of goods, ensuring security for both buyers and sellers.

What is Subito? represents an online classifieds platform that allows users to sell and buy a wide range of products. Its distinctive feature is the possibility of place ads with the perspective of national shipping, significantly expanding the scope for buyers and sellers.

The Convenience of Shipping and the Security of Transactions

Service EverythingImmediately is the cornerstone of the experience offered by Subito. This allows sellers to ship their items anywhere in Italy, eliminating the need for physical meetings and allowing them to receive payment securely through the platform.

Advantages for Sellers

Placing an advert on Subito with the shipping option opens the doors to a vast audience of possible buyers. The process is simplified, as the seller does not have to worry about shipping logistics. Furthermore, with Subito managing payments, the uncertainty associated with receiving funds is eliminated.

Advantages for Buyers

For buyers, the availability of ads with shipping offers a wide range of products to purchase with convenience. Transparency regarding shipping costs and times, along with seller reviews, provides a safe shopping environment.

Protection and Security

It immediately guarantees a high level of security during all phases of transactions. Purchase Protection offers a safe haven for buyers, ensuring a refund if there is a problem with their order.

Reviews and Support

After each transaction, both sellers and buyers have the opportunity to leave a review, thus contributing to transparency and to theplatform reliability. For any problem or support request, Subito offers contact channels via email and chat.


Right away confirms itself as a point of reference in the panorama of online purchases and sales, offering a practical and secure solution for thousands of users who want a reliable and easy-to-use platform. With the guarantee of transaction security and the convenience of national shipping, Subito stands out as a valid ally for anyone involved in e-commerce.

In case of problems or need for additional support, we invite you to contact us by opening a ticket via email [email protected] or on WhatsApp by writing to the number +390465846245.

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