Influencer marketing: the search for brand ambassadors

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Influencer marketing how it works and what are the cornerstones of this advertising strategy successfully employed on social.

On several occasions we have dealt with the issue related to the web marketing, analyzing the advertising techniques to be adopted on the Internet to grow a brand image and acquire customers. The way of making an advertisement has changed over the decades, with the phenomenon of social networks radically changing this conception. At the same time, however, some characters from the past can be observed in the present.

It is enough to remember the infomercials conducted by VIPs in the breaks of various programs, in which they explained the features of a product or service to the audience following from home. The same thing is happening today with the world of the web, only that the ones conducting the "telepromotion" are the so-called influencer. And this is where the concept of Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing what it is

What is theInfluencer marketing? It consists of a advertising technique focused on the ability of some individuals to have a certain ascendancy over the public. We are talking about influencers, social communication icons coveted by companies that want to make themselves known among network users.

In fact, they have realized how relevant it is to start a path of collaboration with the more or less well-known characters on the Internet, with the ability to Influence the choices of their followers tramite la pubblicazione di un post o una storia. Veri e propri brand ambassador in grado di garantire un ottimo ritorno d’immagine per i brand e soprattutto indirizzare il potere di spesa dei consumers.

influencer marketing

Social media marketing influencer

Companies that decide to implement this strategy must keep a very specific concept in mind: the influencer is a conduit between the company and the consumer. It represents in this context the spokesperson who disseminates to the public the intended message. Accordingly, choosing an individual who is able to do influencer marketing Is indispensable to achieve the desired results.

  • Prefer those with excellent communication and user interaction skills

Oratory art also has its importance on the Web. Collaborating with content creators who are able to express themselves in an engaging and captivating way is an excellent device for capturing the listener's interest.

It must also know how to interact with the audiance in a manner that is composed and appropriate to the context, without escalating into online diatribes that can even discredit the brand itself (perceived as close to the ingluencer).

  • Identify those who exhibit similar characteristics to your business idea

Relying on a communicator who is a good match for the products or services is the basis of everything, turning to those in the same industry. For example, a phone company might have a youtuber review a notebook, thus sponsoring its store. Or those who publish content on the social platforms inherent to fashion could be a good testimonial for a cosmetics company, illustrating various make-up products.

The choice must fall on

  • Do not focus solely on influencers with large followings

Targeting those with a high number of followers can be a trump card, given the likelihood of fishing among them for potential customers. In addition to well-known profiles, it is also advisable to opt for those who, despite lower numbers, have a certain niche of followers, as they are more predisposed to carry the advertising message.

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