RaiPlay: The Complete Guide

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If you are looking for a service that allows you to access the Rai television content, At that time RaiPlay it's what's right for you. In this article, we will explore every aspect of RaiPlay, from its operation to its accessibility on different devices.

What is RaiPlay?

RaiPlay is the official streaming platform of Rai, the Italian public radio and television network. It offers a wide range of content: from live viewing of Rai channels to the availability of films, TV series, programmes, documentaries and much more. It is a versatile service that allows users to access their favorite content wherever they are.

How does RaiPlay work?

RaiPlay allows users to access a vast library of content in different ways:

  1. Live viewing: Allows you to watch Rai channels live. This includes Rai Uno, Rai Due, Rai Tre and other thematic channels.
  2. On-Demand Content: In addition to live viewing, RaiPlay offers a vast library of on-demand content. You can watch movies, TV series, TV shows and much more at any time.
  3. Various Content Categories: RaiPlay is divided into categories that facilitate the search for desired content. These categories include movies, TV series, documentaries, sports, children's programs and much more.

How to Access RaiPlay

Registration and Access

To access RaiPlay, you can use different methods:

  1. Registration: You can access RaiPlay with or without a registered account. Without registration, access is limited to watching live channels, while with an account you have access to the entire library of on-demand content.
  2. Access on Different Devices:
    • Smart TVs: If you have a Smart TV, it can be accessed directly via the RaiPlay app or via HbbTV, available on many models.
    • Non-Smart TV: Devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or other similar devices can be connected to the TV via HDMI to access RaiPlay.
    • PC: Viewing on a computer takes place via the official RaiPlay website, by logging in with your account credentials.
    • Smartphones and Tablets: The RaiPlay app is available on Android and iOS devices, allowing you to access content even on the move.

Extra Features

RaiPlay offers additional features such as the ability to download some content to your smartphone or tablet for offline viewing when you don't have an Internet connection.

Use of RaiPlay abroad

While some content may be accessible overseas, full access may be limited. Using a VPN could help get around these restrictions, allowing users to access content as if they were in Italy.


Definitely, RaiPlay it is a versatile resource that allows viewers to enjoy Rai content live and on-demand. With its wide range of content and the possibility of accessing from different devices, RaiPlay adapts to the needs of every type of viewer. However, territorial restrictions may affect access to content depending on your geographic location.

Remember that access to specific contents on RaiPlay may require checking availability based on your geographical area and the access method used.

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