Shopping events, what to do

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Shopping events, what to do

When you are part of the affiliation Amazon, you will also be featured in the shopping events: Cyber Monday week, Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. These events now known to all users offer many promotions and deals at greatly reduced prices for a limited time. But when the Shopping events, what to do?

Each of these events features ever-changing offers and a wide selection of new promotions at reduced prices every five minutes. Users can decide whether to search through current offers, or opt for special promotions in certain categories.

Therefore as an Affiliate you have the opportunity to participate in shopping events and thus increase your income by directing your audience to favorable offers. We recommend that you prepare your website/blog for an Amazon shopping event. You will attract as many visitors as possible and increase your income.

Preparing in advance

Usually Amazon events are time-limited and do not always have a fixed date. For example, the Prime Day or Cyber Monday week are among them: limited in time, have no fixed date, and are announced only a few days before they begin.

Don't wait for the event ad to come out. By the time the ad comes out, you prepare a banner and use other Amazon affiliate tools, your time is up and you will not rank well in search results.

Our advice is to always anticipate preparation, especially if your website/blog is small and has fluctuating traffic. Plan to have a platform that works well, simple for your audience to join current initiatives and promotions and take advantage of events.

Prepare your website/blog

First, create a subpage for each web page/blog. In this subpage enter only current offers, promotions, and initiatives. We advise you to divide the subpages according to the topic and analyze in advance the search volume of the keywords/keyphrases you will insert, especially do not forget the keyword "offer".

For example, you have created a webpage about coffee machines, so a keyword could be "coffee machine offer." We recommend that you check in advance that the terms you enter on the subpage have sufficient search volume, and always check the subpage for up-to-date offers, promotions, and initiatives on coffee machines.

Never forget to refresh the page and remove expired offers. Subpages can also be designated for a specific shopping event. On the deals subpage, you can use the key phrase "Amazon Prime Day Coffee Machine." This will create a dedicated subpage to have only deals on coffee machines displayed during Amazon Prime Day.

Once the necessary subpages have been posted, you must wait until Prime Day, for example. As the days go by, place the links to the subpage in the site bar and remove them only when Prime Day is over. Never remove the subpage that must always remain online so that it will rank well for future Amazon Prime Days.

Publicizing an Amazon event

Thanks to your affiliation, in addition to earnings and returning customers, Amazon offers you with the Affiliate Center numerous advertising tools to promote Amazon shopping events. You can find the options under the menu item "Product Links." Here you find different solutions such as banners, which you can implement in advance. We recommend that you place banners on pages with the most traffic.

When an Amazon event is going on you can do promotion in a product showcase, created using the Amazon Link Builder plugin.

Other benefits

Amazon Prime Day is one of the most sought-after events for users because the products on offer are reserved only for Prime customers. Unlike Cyber Monday or Black Friday where the volume of users is really large, during Prime Day you are sure that the deals are reserved for a select cleitnela and you can target more buying interest with higher revenues for your website/blog.

Always stay prepared for Shopping Events, what to do.

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