What are Affiliate programs?

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What are Affiliate programs?

What are Affiliate programs? – Do you want to earn money with your blog? With the affiliate program you can! The affiliation acts as an intermediary between you, the ad publisher and the seller (merchant). This allows you to establish true electronic commerce. On your part you have to show the seller's link or banner, your users click on the banner/link and purchase. The seller will recognize commissions that can occur in different ways:

  • PPL – Pay Per Lead: you earn a fixed amount for each registration or form filling that the user makes on the merchant's site;
  • PPS – Pay Per Sale: you earn a fixed amount or as a percentage of the value of the product purchased by the user;
  • PPC – Pay Per Click: you earn a small amount for each click the user makes on the link or banner.


First you need to sign up for affiliate programs and wait for the seller to give you approval. If the answer is negative you will not be able to continue. If the answer is positive you can go to the menu graphic elements - show code, copy the banner/link code and paste it wherever you want.


Thanks to cookies, the seller is able to track clicks. Then request affiliation only from those sellers who use cookies.

Haven't you figured out the affiliate program? Can't figure out how to manage your blog? You have problems with yours website ? Contact us ! Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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