Amazon Black Friday 2018, discounts from 19 to 26 November

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Amazon Black Friday 2018. The most famous e-commerce in the world is promoting seven days of big discounts on thousands of products from November 16th to 26th.

Amazon has such economic strength that it is considered the best site e-commerce in circolazione. Un’ascesa ottenuta per merito di strategies di marketing innovative che hanno creato una maggiore fidelizzazione con gli utenti. Basti pensare all’Amazon Black Friday 2018, a time of year with strong discounts on many products. This promotion has been renewed for six years, during which the brand has established itself in a rather decisive manner in the electronics sector.

Amazon Black Friday 2018

The Black Friday, an English term that literally means "Black Friday", was imported from the USA. It is indicated as the first day following the Thanksgiving holiday (a purely American anniversary) dedicated to Christmas shopping. It's a busy day for Americans, who flock to department stores attracted by the heavily reduced prices. In recent years, with the multiplication of platforms operating in online commerce, including Amazon, the internet has also become the main interpreter of this event.

These days of big discounts are a tempting opportunity for all those online stores that have huge revenues, but not only. In fact it is a great convenience for both parties: the sites and traders profit exponentially; in the same way, users derive great convenience from it, with the possibility of purchasing a large number of products at a widely reduced price.

Amazon Black Friday 2018, discounts from 19 to 26 November

Amazon Black Friday 2018, discounts from 19 to 26 November

Amazon Black Friday 2018 dates 

Amazon has also been promoting huge discounts for Black Friday days for six years. The way of Amazon Black Friday 2018 is indicated for Monday 19 October, until the conclusion of Monday 26 November with the Cyber Monday, another day of strong promotions dedicated to electronics.

What to buy during Amazon Black Friday 2018

Nel corso dell’Amazon Black Friday 2018 è possibile acquistare un gran numero di prodotti. Sul sito sono riportate le varie categorie con gli sconti: accessori, elettronica, abbigliamento, video games, libri ecc. Chi è iscritto ad Amazon Prime can enjoy specific offers, with half an hour priority over traditional users.

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