Advertising billboards: how to best promote your brand

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There billboards continues to be one of the Main tools for highlighting one's business And promote its services.

When it comes to billboards one thinks of an obsolete system with which to perform an advertisement. Something belonging to the past, replaced by new and innovative forms of communication. This is not really the case.

The changes the Web has brought have been a boon for entrepreneurs, from large business owners to small merchants and freelancers. New opportunities that can be used to better promote a brand, greatly optimizing the chances of acquiring customers.

However, it is not advisable to abandon the standard communication strategies, such as billboards.


I cartelloni pubblicitari sono un grande veicolo informativo, indispensabile sia per le grandi che piccole realtà imprenditoriali. Uno strumento tutt’ora valido, per nulla anacronistico, col quale poter avvicinare un numero di potenziali consumers. Le ingenti dimensioni, abbinate ad una strategic post, in fact, they guarantee wide visibility. Just think of the facilities placed in medium to large cities, capable of catalyzing the attention of thousands and thousands of people.

Certainly not everyone will be interested in the proposed product or service, but among X number of users viewing the offer, most will be able to take in the message being conveyed.

How to make an effective billboard

In the previous lines, we looked at the potential that the billboards. Likewise, these must also be managed as well as possible. A deleterious organization has the power to drastically bring down the hoped-for effects of its use.

For this reason, it is appropriate to Integrate marketing strategies used for the web, creating a kind of connection between old and new promotional techniques. As well as implementing some useful guidelines:

  • Affinity with web marketing. Specific techniques are implemented for advertising aimed at an online audience: Persuasive writing, engaging interface, call to 'action etc. All factors that can be fully integrated within billboard advertising. A billboard characterized by a graphics that arouse interest and curiosity, with catchy but relevant slogans and phrases, succeeds in conveying a concept more powerfully. In this way, those few seconds, that is, the time between a user's viewing the billboard, are fully utilized. In fact, the person will more easily keep the promoted product/service in mind. Aiding this is the choice of colors. One clear background, preferably white in color, can make it easier for the user to see. In contrast, phrases shown in brighter chrome would be ideal;
  • Location. This is a crucial point. The location of a billboard can do so much. Among the best solutions are the neighborhoods citizens affected by heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Inside cars, in fact, they are easily viewed by those who are not interested in driving, namely passengers. Even better would be to place billboards within the busiest metropolitan cities. But what can make a difference is undoubtedly the traffic light. When it is red it increases the time available, in which which which is inside the car observes its surroundings with longer duration.


Next we summarize a small list with the best tips For successful billboard advertising:

  • Short and concise messages:
  • Minimum necessary information to be included: brand name, company location, etc;
  • Insert a clear call to action;
  • Attractive and not too invasive graphics;
  • Suitable backgrounds on which to place text, e.g., white;
  • Icons and logos easily recognizable at first glance;
  • Transit locations (traffic lights, city center, heavy traffic).


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