BNI Italia, the international business platform for the exchange of references

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BNI Italy, a great opportunity to expand your business through word of mouth among professionals. For over 15 years also in our country.

Work is a sector that is going through a not exactly happy moment. We are in a historical period characterized by extensive difficulties not only for large companies, but also for freelancers. In such a pessimistic context it is not easy to raise one's head, perhaps finding new ideas for improve your business.

Fortunately, there are some opportunities that can bring valid benefits for those who have a profession and intend to enhance it. We are talking about BNI Italy.

Bni Italia, the platform for exchanging references

Communication is a fundamental element in any sector. This is even more true when it comes to work. It is on this point that he focuses BNI , currently one of the realities of business working most renowned in the world. The modus operandi is to foster relationships between professionals, who can share ideas, exchange opinions and above all references.

What does Bni mean

Bni, acronym for Business Network International, is an organization dedicated to exchange of references between workers of all the world. Once every few days, often weekly, they meet with the aim of interacting with each other and recommending the services of a professional.

It is a word of mouth which occurs in a very specific context, characterized by the presence of users who aim to increase the scope of their entrepreneurial activity. This happens through the help of the various members, who act as promoters. Outside of the meeting, the individual member actively recommends one of the specialized professional figures known during the meeting to anyone in need including friends, relatives or acquaintances.

We are faced with a real opportunity, experienced first-hand, which can be of help to everyone. To best show the focus of this reality, let's take for example the work of a mechanic who participated in the meeting and communicated with the other members. The other participants will most likely recommend a good mechanic to repair their car to an acquaintance. Breakthroughs that occur very frequently.

International business for your company

BNI's strength is connection between professionals, who sponsor a person (whether entrepreneur or freelancer) to people connected to him. A chain is therefore created that favors the development of one's business, expanding one's business. All this by recommending references dynamically.

This organization is based on the concept of givers gain, that is, giving something to receive. There is no commission in recommending a professional. An idea that exists in everyday life, transported into the world of work.

A significant element is the presence of individual categories within the various groups (defined chapters). Taking a group as a reference, it is formed with the entry of a restaurateur, a plumber, an antenna technician, a nurse etc., not two workers with the same job. This is a directive which aims to ensure the same degree of impartiality and opportunity for all members.

BNI Italia, how the meeting takes place

Since its foundation in the United States in 1985, it has represented a valid support for all those workers who, by helping each other, have increased their business. In the 2003 has also arrived in Italy, with various venues used for meetings spread across the national territory, (such as BNI Rome, BNI Milan etc.).

The meeting usually takes place in the early morning over 60 minutes, with various sections dedicated to a specific activity. The timetable is set so as not to affect the time "borrowed" from your daily activity:

  • Breakfast, during which we introduce ourselves among the members;
  • Presentation of approximately one minute;
  • Additional 10 minutes dedicated each.

Opportunities for your business

Registering and participating in activities and meetings allows you to benefit from significant advantages:

  • Expansion of one's knowledge in the workplace;
  • Making contact in an environment of professionals;
  • Concrete possibility of increasing the number of your customers;
  • New opportunities for your work activity;
  • Services reserved for members, with tools and informative texts on how to optimize your sphere of competence.

BNI Italia opinions

The feedback from those who have used BNI Italia opportunities is extremely positive. Below are some reviews found on the web:

  • Alexei: “I have been attending BNI Italia meetings for more than two years. This as king and have allowed me to increase my business, and at the same time give help to my BNI "colleagues"“;
  • He knows: “Since I have been participating in BNI Rome meetings, my turnover has increased unprecedentedly. Within a few weeks the phone started ringing more than usual“.
  • Matteo: “To tell the truth, I was quite skeptical about the real possibilities of BNI Italia, but instead I was pleasantly surprised. I met interesting people, with whom I could talk and get information on who to contact for my boiler failure“.

For further clarification here is the website of BNI Italy.

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