Chatbots what they are and how they work

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Chatbots what they are and how services devoted to virtual assistance work for users surfing the Web.

The last decade has brought major innovations from a technological point of view. A sudden development that has allowed for improvements in every area, especially related to that of the function and use of the web. There are numerous phenomena that have seen strong growth, from that of social networks to the arrival of the fast connection. But along with them there is another area that is being widely talked about, with excellent results. We are passing of theartificial intelligence which, with regard to the enjoyment of online content, has enabled the development of innovative user services, namely the Chatbot.

Chatbots what are they?

Chatbot what is it? It is an application that serves the function of a assistant to whom the user can ask for some information regarding a particular area. It consists of a virtual helper who simulates human behavior at the which to ask questions about certain contexts related to the platform being used.
Looking more closely at the term we can draw further indications as to what its purpose is: chat and both, that is, sending messages to a Recipient who is not a flesh and blood person, but rather a software, or to make the idea better a robot.

Chatbot how it works

These interactive robots make it possible to Improve the web browsing experience, illustrating according to the question being asked all the data about it. Specifically, the user asks the chatbot a question related to a topic, and it will display the related answer.
These applications are mainly used by companies or professionals who own a web page, with the aim of making it easier for the user to use the site. To give an example, let's take an online store as a reference: the potential customer can ask about shipping, delivery time, product features, etc.; after which the bot will display the results.

Chatbots what they are

They can be exploited on numerous occasions: set an alarm clock, be told a joke, ask for directions, initiate a call, write a message, play a song etc.All actions that the virtual assistant will do at your post. Not forgetting the interaction with the appliances and start devices in your home, with which you can request to turn on the lights, set the timer of the oven or heating etc.

Chatbot examples

We have seen the chatbot what are they and how artificial intelligence over the years has made great strides, going so far as to create a kind of "artificial helper" made available to the user. Siamo quindi di fronte ad una technology moderna che non si arresterà di certo, che potrà essere ulteriormente affinata, raggiungendo vette considerate fino a poco tempo fa improponibili e irreali, adesso invece perfettamente realizzabili. Ma l’impiego del Chatbot è già presente da un po’ di tempo, con alcuni nomi che ormai tutti conoscono. Ecco alcuni esempi:

  • Siri
  • Google Assistance
  • Cortana
  • Alexa

The first three are the main virtual assistants used by operating systems. Cortana Is the interactive support present on the devices, Windows (10), while Siri is the counterpart that can be used on devices iOs. Google Assistance Instead, it is about the universe Android.

Cortana, the virtual assistant for Windows systems.

Alexa is a product made by Amazon, among the best-selling in its field. The interactive bot made by the famous e-commerce Is connected to the Amazon Echo speaker, to which it lends its voice. It can be connected to electronic devices in the home (to turn on the lights, put on music, ask to lower or raise the temperature of the air conditioner). Simply ask, and the device will respond with the voice that has been preset.

Oltre a quelli elencati sono presenti chatbot online che che si possono tranquillamente scaricare sui propri dispositivi. Tra quelli più utilizzati dagli utenti possiamo citare Mitsuku And Amelia, quest’ultimo fruibile in più di venti idiomi e destinato alle aziende che vogliono dare un supporto maggiore ai propri dipendenti.

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