Facebook Workplace for Nonprofits

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Facebook Workplace, the service for optimizing the organization of the working group within your company, is extended free of charge to Nonprofit associations.

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in the social sphere, supporting the most vulnerable and needy. These entities come into existence with the intention of giving support without any financial gain, except to reinvest money in further philanthropic activities. For this reason they need funds earmarked for such activities. In their rescue, in addition to people's spontaneous donations, there are also widely established business entities. A well-established example is represented by Facebook Workplace For the Nonprofit.

Facebook Workplace

To improve the collaboration and operations of its work team, Facebook has launched the Workplace service. It is a mobile application that encourages and simplifies interaction between employees and co-workers in a company. Here are the main features:

  • spazio cloud illimitato;
  • Sending files, documents, messages;
  • Unlimited groups among colleagues,
  • group chat;
  • video calls;
  • initiating live video;
  • Ability to take advantage of shared agendas;
  • Transpose directives and news from the upper echelons of the company;
  • insertions of custom notifications and tags, so as to communicate directly with the relevant person.

Lots of opportunities for businesses. All within their own ecosystem, with maximum security.

This product can be very useful and convenient for any business, even for the non-profit organizations. Facebook's interest in Nonprofits shows how such services can be indispensable in managing relationships with volunteers and the internal apparatus of associations.

Facebook Workplace Premium Free for Nonprofits 

Facebook Workplace is free. The version Premium has a rate of 3 euro per month for each user who uses it. Unlike the standard one it brings additional benefits:

  • implementation of other clud platforms, such as Dropbox, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, etc. This allows several services to be available in a single solution;
  • directory pre-integrated interactions;
  • Community management skills available to administrators;
  • Active Directory network services;
  • exclusive assistance for administrators via email.

The cost of this service is reduced to zero for companies that imprint their activities without any profit motive, allocating profits for social use. Indeed, there are numerous entities operating in the social sector that enjoy Workplace Non Profit services free of charge. WWF, War Child, Unicef, RNIB, United Way Of America, are just a few famous examples among the many activities that take advantage of the valuable features listed above, testifying to the strong interest of a renowned brand like Facebook in associations and social work.

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