How to get assistance from Facebook for your business profile

how to contact facebook support
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How to get assistance from Facebook: how to get the necessary support for problems that arise with the use of this social network.

A distanza di oltre un decennio Facebook continua ad essere un ottimo strumento di business con il quale mettere in atto una strategia di web marketing capace di portare risultati di rilievo. L’exploit di piattaforme come Instagram o TikTok, fino to the latest arrival Clubhouse, have not in fact affected Mark Zuckerberg's creation that much, still considered today a valid stage for obtaining wide social visibility throughout the world.

This is also thanks to the numerous systems adopted to advertise and interact with users. See the ad campaigns, groups and official pages, but also the simple personal profile. Effective means for carrying out online marketing activities, both by international brands and small local entrepreneurs.

However, if you manage an account or a promotional page you may encounter some more or less serious problems that affect normal administration. In these cases it is useful to request support from the assistance center. So let's see how to contact Facebook support.

How to get assistance from Facebook

You who use social media as a means of communication constantly ask me how to contact Facebook support and ask an operator for information. This platform, like any other, is unfortunately subject to various types of problems which limit its operations, consequently blocking the activities carried out within it. However making a report is not that simple, especially for those who have a personal profile not used for advertising purposes. In these situations the solution is to view the FAQ specific ones or independently check which remedies to adopt in the forums open to standard members.

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The situation is different for those who manage an ADS account, with more opportunities available regarding how to get assistance from Facebook.

Report a problem to Facebook via advertising account

Those who manage advertising advertisements have a preferential route, with more effective and faster support. Just log in own business account and click one after the other on Assistance And Contact us. After that there will be three options regarding how to get assistance from Facebook:

  • Request for information on the official forum
  • Contact via chat
  • Email support

To get immediate feedback chat it is the most popular solution, with an employee ready to review your requests (obviously after describing everything using the appropriate form).

how to get assistance from facebook

The e-mail is also very valid, with quick response within 24 hours. The forum, however, is not particularly suitable in case of immediate need, perhaps useful for understanding how other business users have solved problems. Therefore, those who use the platform for promotional purposes can enjoy greater opportunities in terms of assistance. However, this does not apply to ordinary users. The answer is simple: it is practically impossible to give help to the billions of profiles currently registered. For further information you can still go to the official customer support page (link at the beginning of the article), so as to find the answer to all your needs.


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