Franz, the app to control all chats

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No more distractions at the PC. With Franz you can have all your messaging apps available in one place, without necessarily having to use your smartphone.

Working on a computer has become an established habit in any industry. In fact, every field needs this essential tool. However, this is true for any task, distractions are around the corner. The most emblematic of all is certainly the smartphone, the modern repository of all our lives. This product is now used for everything from making a call to surfing the web. But for the most part, it is used with the intent to sending and especially receiving messages.

Le app of instant messaging are the ones that stand out. This presupposes a large number of notifications received throughout the day. This can easily obstruct the various commitments or work days spent at the PC, with constant "electronic alerts" coming from one's device. Fortunately, a stratagem has been created to avoid distraction by not looking away from the computer and consequently picking up the cell phone. We are talking about Franz.

With Franz all chat at your fingertips

Franz is a computer application that encapsulates the major instant messaging platforms present on smartphones, from the most renowned to those considered niche. WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Telegram, Instagram, Skype, etc., are just a few examples of the titles featured.

It allows you to organize all apps used to send and receive messages in a single section, at your fingertips (or better yet, at your PC's fingertips). This is also valid with multiple accounts. This is the case, for example, with private chats, for work, assistance, etc. From a practical point of view, its use is very simple. While operating on the PC all messages received on their accounts are notified directly to the computer, with call sign of the platform in question and sender of the message, to which you can respond there.

How to use Franz on your pc

This is a product whose matrix is Austrian, made in Vienna by Jonathan Burke and Stefan Malzner. It is possible to perform the download of Franz (this is the link which links to the official page) on one's PC without fulfilling any cost. The systems that support it are. Linux, Windows, 32- and 64-bit, Mac. The amount that will be downloaded amounts to about 40 mb. Following the installation, one must choose the service concerned.

Franz is an easy-to-use app collection system with an intuitive and fully comprehensive interface. In summary, it can be considered as a kind of box containing the apps used to interact online.

NB. Franz is a secure product with full respect for privacy. Messages are neither saved nor read by third parties.

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