Is Google Analytics illegal? Here's how to fix it

google analytics privacy guarantor
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Google Analytics is illegal: After the official announcement by the Italian privacy guarantor, beneficiaries of the service must "get in line" with current European regulations. Let's see how to do it

If you are reading these lines you will know exactly what Google's Analytics service consists of and why it is so important for the professional management of a website. In fact, it allows you to monitor incoming traffic by analyzing the actions taken by users as they navigate within your platform. This occurs through a tracking code, the so-called cookie, which is installed on the site of the person accessing it favoring the data collection. So we are talking about a very powerful tool that allows you to get a lot of information such as. the geographical origin of visits, the most visited pages, the time spent during the session, the links clicked and lots of other key data, useful for getting a general overview of how visitors behave.

However, at the end of June, those who use GA could not help but take note of the official announcement by the Italian privacy guarantor regarding non-legitimate use of tracked data. Let's take a closer look at what we are talking about and what you can do to regularize your position.

Is Google Analytics illegal? What the watchdog says

According to allegations released by the data protection supervisor, it is Unlawful end use and transfer of personal information to the U.S.. In fact, the U.S. multinational has been called out for misuse not only by the Italian guarantor, but also by other European countries such as Austria and France. The reason is simple: legislation in the European Union (where the GDPR is in effect) has far stricter directives than overseas, not least because the Information collected and then transferred to the U.S. is not properly protected, essendo riutilizzate per Google ADS.

google analytics is illegal

What's more, U.S. legislation allows access to the data of non-U.S. users to the state agency in charge of national security. We are talking about private information that is stored without having any authorization, coa by the way indispensable in countries belonging to the European Union.

So, in summary, here's why Google Analytics is illegal and what we can do to comply with Italian and European regulations:

  • Collection, export and use of private data in America is not legal cause misuse on U.S. soil
  • The problem involves those using version 3 of GA
  • The solution available to users is to change the IP in the settings (to be made as anonymized) or make the switch to GA 4

What to do to use the service on a regular basis

We have seen the reason that Google Analytics is illegal, so not the service itself but, specifically, inappropriate use. All you have to do is run for cover by setting the IP address anonymized, that is, hiding the address of users accessing your site. Another solution is to upgrade to GA4 (here a well-illustrated guide released by Google).

But there is a third way that allows you to take advantage of a data-tracking system that is absolutely legal and fully complies with the rules currently in place, adjusting as regulations change without you having to take any action. Analyticsgtechgroup is the ideal program for tracking the information of users entering your website, characterized by concrete attention and respect for privacy.

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The summary interface of our software

For example, data, including your own, is not given to other companies, thus having the assurance that your data is safe. Most importantly, you can enjoy the benefits of an application that gives you all the services of Analytics by Google but without the headaches like those present i this period.

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