How Jatapay works: deferred payments for your online customers

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How Jatapay works, the innovative system for deferred payments intended for customers who purchase on your e-commerce. A great opportunity with which to safely make installment payments.

We are all aware of the fact that the modes of purchasing accomplished on the Web have surpassed those of a traditional nature by a wide margin. This is a habit that has been strongly established over the past decade and has now become a practice followed by the majority of the world's population. In fact, we all use to buy with the help of a smartphone or pc, choosing the product advertised within a catalog on the seller's website.

This figure should give pause for thought to entrepreneurs, some of whom are unaccustomed to understanding the latest innovations in the digital sector. Innovative aspects that really can bring not inconsiderable benefits to the growth of a business. An exponential rise in sales virtually immediately, as well as greater effectiveness in terms of brand identity in the eyes of customers. Jatapay figure as one of the most useful tools in this regard. But what is Jatapay? What are the peculiarities of this service? Let's find out in detail.

How Jatapay works

Jatapay is a platform used by owners of a ecommerce with the aim of granting customers the possibility of making deferred payments. All this with the utmost security, without the risk of having one's banking details stolen or running into dangerous scams by malicious people operating on the Internet.

This is an opportunity with real benefits for all parties involved:

  • The consumer can enjoy an installment disbursement simply with the help of any mobile device (simply connect to the network). A process virtually indentical to what happens when buying something in installments in a physical store;
  • The entrepreneur will get a significant increase in sales, given the peculiarity of a service that offers an extra payment option to the buyer, who will definitely be enthusiastic about it.

Thus, observing how Jatapay works, we note the presence of elements that affect indiscriminately those who buy and those who sell. Moreover, this functionality can be implemented on any ecommerce, adhering as a "contracted store" thanks to the presence of special plug-ins that can be combined for different websites (Erashop, Magento, V-commerce, etc.), distinguished by an intuitive and easy-to-manage dashboard. In addition, the owner has the option of Independently determine the plans to be offered regarding the amounts to be deferred as well as the duration of the monthly payments.

The stipulation of the completed transaction is made by sending the customer the OTP code. Thus, maximum transparency of financial flows is ensured, with an extra guarantee for the benefit of the buyer. The deferment, on iban or credit card, is grantedfrom two to 72 months, with variable rates depending on the activation of one or more accounts

How Jatapay works

Deferred payments online for customers

We have seen how Jatapay works and what elements distinguish this type of service. The merchant avails himself of an extra arrow to his bow, expanding his business strategy by giving the buyer the opportunity to avail himself regarding additional payment techniques, such as payment in installments, thus boosting sales. The customer also benefits from a solution that allows him or her to pay online in installments, avoiding the need to spend their own money immediately and consequently possess greater purchasing power. It is sufficient to activate the "customer profile" at no cost, entering his name, surname and payment method with extreme ease (with the bank details that the merchant will not be able to access, seeing only the last four digits of the series). Having done so, he will be able to choose (as we mentioned earlier) from a number of online outlets that have an agreement with Jatapay, selecting the subscription that best suits his financial means.

We would also like to remind you of the one-time payment mode via remote Pos for consultations, down payments, debt collection and sale of products or services.

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