How to manage your Google My Business account

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Gestione Google MyBusiness, the ideal tool for administering all the information and services of your business activity on the Web.

optimal management of its enterprise is the key to achieving results that meet expectations. This may seem obvious, but the high difficulty in keeping everything under control is not always clear. For this reason it becomes advisable, whatever the sector in question, to equip oneself with appropriate measures and services to critically administer the various aspects of business reality. A good means is the service related to the Google My Business management.

Google My Business Management

Google My Business is a multi-platform intended for those businesses that intend to 360-degree management of all data to be displayed on the web to users. It allows users to coordinate their participation across all Google-connected ecosystems (MapsSearchPlus etc.).

The start of this service is dated June 11, 2014, with the intention of Increase the visibility of companies online, granting them the ability to manage their online presence independently. It is intended for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, accommodations, shopping malls, as well as small business owners who wish to take advantage of the power and reach of the Internet.

These applications are enclosed in a single container, through which it is possible to Administer and analyze information regarding the enterprise, nonché pubblicizzare il proprio brand, o qualsiasi prodotto o servizio dello stesso e comunicare con i consumers.

With this space, it is possible to show data deemed useful for users, such as the opening and closing hours of one's store, the address of one's restaurant, the photo hey costs Of overnight stay of their hotel, the email And phone number etc. Information that facilitates consumer action, enabling the business to be more visible online.

How to manage your Google My Business account

How to manage your Google My Business account

Google My Business how it works

Create a personal profile on Google My Business is quick and easy. Here's what you need to do:

  • Log into your Google account. Anyone who uses a device with a connection has one. If not, it is essential to create one;
  • Head to the page Google My Business;
  • Click on the wording Try now;
  • Enter some information: Company name, relevant industry, cell phone number;
  • Click on the icon Ship.

Next, one must wait for the arrival of an email stating that the profile has been activated. The "postcard" contains a verification code to be included.

Step Manage Google My business

Next we illustrate some valuable insights to follow to best administer your account.

Data analysis

On the menu is the Statistics, with which you can inspect useful information about your business. For example, you can view details actions performed by users, the number of visual of the images and various contents etc. Having this data available you can optimize your own marketing strategy, improving aspects that are currently obsolete, such as the lack of awareness of the brand, one SEO poorly structured etc.


Attractive graphics it is the extra weapon to capture the consumer's interest. Therefore it is essential to use relevant images, having a remarkable glance. A classic example could be to insert photos of the interiors of your restaurant or hotel, without forgetting those relating to the external setting.

Google My Business reviews

User opinions have a very significant value for your business. They have a decisive influence on user actions, for example in the case of a reservation for a restaurant or a hotel room. This is an aspect to take into strong consideration for the well-being of your business.

Specifically, the reviews are positioned next to the personal profile on Google Searc and Maps, in order to differentiate itself from competing brands. The more there are (obviously positive), the more interest the brand arouses in the user's mind.

However for get reviews on Google it is necessary to implement some precautions. First of all is that of remind customers to leave a review, using language appropriate to the context, courteous and without appearing too exhaustive. Another element of fundamental importance is that of respond to what users write (even to criticism, with politeness). This favors a direct interaction, showing them that they are interested in what the consumer says, who will subsequently tend to make other judgments.

Verify your business

To ensure that your business can be viewed on all the services of the Mountain View company, it is advisable to check whether turns out verified. This increases the feeling of reliability in the eyes of users engaged in research.

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