Practical guide: how to write a perfect SEO article

write an article in seo perspective
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Discover how to write an article SEO Effective with our tips and tricks! Optimize your content for search engines and increase the visibility of your website. Read our complete guide now.

You have opened a business website or are in the process of doing so, and to increase the visibility of your brand you need to frequently publish quality content that is engaging to your audience.

However, it is not enough to be able to write well. It is also necessary to know the rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or search engine optimization. This means that any text published online must be written in a way that maximizes its visibility in search results. Therefore, let's see what rules should be followed to write an SEO article successful.

Why write an article from an SEO perspective?

Creating seo-friendly content is important to ensure better content ranking on search engines. Thanks to SEO optimization, in fact, the article can appear among the first search results for certain keywords, thus attracting more visitors to the website.

In addition, it can improve the user experience by providing relevant and quality content that meets the user's needs and searches. It is therefore a matter of implementing a number of techniques that contribute to the success of the website, increasing organic traffic and facilitating the acquisition of new customers and users interested in the products and services offered.

How to write a web-optimized article

But what exactly does it mean to write an SEO article? In a nutshell, it means writing text that is responsive to users' information-seeking needs, according to the search engine indexing fees. Techniques focus on various aspects of the site, including content, structure, links, and keywords.

How to write an SEO article

There are many SEO rules to follow and they are based on a number of time-tested best practices. Let's look at the main ones:

  • Identifying keywords: la scelta delle parole chiave è la prima regola della SEO. Le cosiddette keyword sono quelle parole o frasi che gli utenti digitano sui motori di ricerca per cercare informazioni su un determinato argomento. Puoi identificare quelle più pertinenti e con un maggiore volume di ricerca mediante strumenti come il Keyword Planner di Google Ads o SeoZoom.
  • Writing an effective title: The article title is the first element the user sees on search results, so it must be catchy, clear and descriptive. It is important to include the keyword in the title to make the subject matter immediately understandable.
  • Structuring the text: The article should be well structured, with titles and subtitles to guide the reading. It is important to use HTML tags to highlight the most important words or phrases in the article and make the structure hierarchical.
  • Use simple language: The article should be written in a clear and understandable way, using simple and straightforward language. This not only makes it easier to read the article, but also aids search engine indexing.
  • Insert images: Images are key elements to enrich the article and make it more appealing. It is important to use quality photos, in a web-optimized format, and to include the appropriate alt description and tags in the HTML code.

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  • Insert internal and external links: Internal links allow the article to link to other pages on the website, improving user navigation and aiding indexing. External links, on the other hand, must refer to high-quality and authoritative sites, so as to lend credibility to the article.
  • Optimize the meta description: The meta description is the short description that appears under the title of the article on search results. It is important to include the keyword and make it catchy and descriptive.
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How to write an SEO article, the importance of meta description

Other guidelines regarding how to write an SEO article, some of which are not necessarily inherent to writing the text, include the following:

  • Use related keywords: In addition to the main keyword, it is also important to use related keywords to expand the semantic field of the article and offer more information to the user. They can be identified through tools such as Google Trends, Google Related Searches or the aforementioned SeoZoom.
  • Writing unique content: To be indexed by search engines, content must be original and unique. Copying and pasting text from other websites penalizes the ranking of the article and the website.
  • Writing quality content: The quality of the content is critical to the success of the article and the website. It is important to write in-depth, complete and well-documented text that responds to user questions and needs.
  • Speeding up the website: la velocità di caricamento del sito web è un fattore importante per la SEO. È quindi importante utilizzare un hosting di qualità e un tema leggero e ottimizzato per il web, evitando di inserire troppi plugin o script che rallentano la navigazione.
  • Using social networks: i social possono essere utilizzati per promuovere l’articolo e il sito web, aumentando il traffico organico e la visibilità sui motori di ricerca. È importante creare una strategia di social media marketing efficace, utilizzando le piattaforme più adatte al proprio target di riferimento.
  • Monitoring performance: per valutare l’efficacia dell’articolo e delle strategies adottate, è importante monitorare le performance attraverso strumenti come Google Analytics. In questo modo è possibile identificare eventuali criticità e apportare le necessarie modifiche per migliorare il posizionamento del sito web sui motori di ricerca.


In summary, writing an SEO article means adhering to some basic rules to optimize content for search engines. Identifying keywords, structuring the text well, using simple and clear language, and including quality internal and external links are all elements that help improve an article's visibility in search results. With a little care and attention in writing your content, you can achieve excellent results in terms of indexing and traffic to your website.


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