LinkedIn Talent Insights, the corporate recruiting tool

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LinkedIn Talent Insights, the true ally for the recruiting Of personnel within their own company. A new opportunity for the business world.

In the business sector, everyone is aware of LinkedIn, the largest social platform for professionals. Users, after creating their account, can post their resumes, contact companies and employers. It is also a valuable support for recruitment, being able to view a large number of profiles, choosing from those best suited to their company. The main focus is not only to connect and interact with others. There is a function aimed at the job market, with which to bring an innovative service to people and businesses.

This social network accommodates over half a billion users. A very significant figure, testifying to the great usefulness in the dedicated working environment. In light of this irrefutable figure, new opportunities have been included that enhance the user experience of the platform. A clear example is LinkedIn Talent Insights, which has just come into "force" after a year of running-in.

LinkedIn Talent Insights

LinkedIn Talent Insights is a tool implemented with the aim of optimizing methodologies related to the recruitment, that is, to the process related to the selection of candidates. A great opportunity made available for everyone, especially for companies that need to include staff in their work environment.

This tool allows you to Use and analyze a large amount of data on users, so that they have all the information they need to recruit workers in the best way possible. It is therefore a extra support during the recruitment phase, especially for those who manage the human resources of a business, ranging from recruitment to final hiring. A smart way to hire wisely and have all the useful notions related to the current market at hand.

LinkedIn Talent Insights Is characterized by two main sections: Company Report and Talent Pool Report.

Talent Pool Report

The Talent Pool Report can be considered in the same way as a classic "search engine" at this juncture related to recruiting. This tool has among its strings the ability to find valuable information about potential candidates and employees of "rival" companies in the industry:

  • Skills of profiles related to one's business idea;
  • Analysis of professional skills;
  • Opportunity to locate the geographic area with the highest presence of such professionals,
  • Name the companies in which they are employed at the time of the research.

Given the points listed above, one can easily see how Talent Pool Report allows one to framing the market segment in which they intend to search for personnel to hire based on well-defined factors: place of origin, professional skills acquired in a given role, personnel employed in competing enterprisesi.

Company Report

Company Report of LinkedIn Talent Insights   is a great ally for those companies that need to have all the data of its employees, as well as workers from companies operating in the same sector. This facilitates the work of those who provide personnel recruitment and selection.

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