Push notifications: what they are and how they work

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Push notifications what they are and how to use them to implement a proper web marketing strategy to benefit your brand.

Advertising is considered one of the driving forces of the modern economy. Any business needs a good promotion of its products or services in order to increase customers and consequently turnover.

With the arrival of smartphones, propaganda systems have changed considerably, with more solutions adopted to showcase one's brand. The writing in Seo perspective, used for indexing, is only one of the new methods used. Along with it, new solutions have arisen that are capable not only of increasing the number of customers, but more importantly, of building loyalty with them. A significant example is the use of push notifications on cell phone apps.

Push notifications what they are

Companies have fully realized the potential of web marketing linked to a direct thread to mobile devices. Anyone now owns and uses at any time of the day these smart phones, perpetually connected to the network. So tools such as push notifications are strongly indicated to have a greater advertising reach.

Push notifications what they are? Consist of a message that is delivered individually to the user by means of the active data connection, by which an offer or simply a relevant news item inherent to the application is shown.

E’ un sistema nel quale l’app inoltra un avviso al possessore del telefono, venendo distribuito dal server in maniera diretta, dato che si materializes in the device screen. It comes directly to the person's display, where there is no need to download or perform download actions.

In summary these are. communications, offers, news, o avvisi su nuove versioni del software da scaricare ecc. Sono un ottimo espediente con cui poter attuare una valida marketing strategy e spingere il consumatore ad interessarsi al servizio propostogli, oppure a mantenere un solido coinvolgimento, al fine di mantenere un legame con esso e farlo durare nel tempo.

Push notifications how they work

To better understand push notifications what they are and how they work, we can take as a reference point any application, specifically one used for messaging (the most used by users).

They ensure that communication arrives on the cell phone home as soon as the person who is writing to us sends his message. This is done automatically. In order for the message to reach the user, it is essential that the app is in action in the so-called background system and, above all, connected to the network. Otherwise it is not received.

WhatsApp is a striking demonstration of the fundamentals that have been outlined in this article. Similarly, other famous applications, such as that of major e-commerce such as Amazon (useful for suggesting product promotions) or, for example, those of one's bank "shoot" these messages to recipients' phones, with the purpose of disseminating ad personam alerts and information.

How to send push notifications

In order to use this technique, certain steps should be followed, such that it does not make it futile, or addiutely counterproductive:

  • Maximum consistency with the brand theme, avoiding writing things that do not fit the context and are mostly out of place;
  • Never too many messages, this may annoy the user. It is also helpful not to use text that is too verbose as it would greatly decrease the interest of those who are reading;
  • Custom Notifications, avoiding distributing them all the same. Each user needs a different approach, which may be due to the of the area of origin or the actions performed within the app. An example would be those used for online sales, with a product being placed in the shopping cart that shows a specific interest.

Better than sms marketing

These messages, which we recall are not text messages, appear on the phone's home page. Compared to sms marketing they gain greater appeal, as they appear as something of not intrusive, where the user need not stop what he or she is doing at the moment of reception. They can contain a greater number of words, from the enormously higher figure.

On the other hand, the user has the power to decide which programs to receive notifications from and which not; an action that cannot be implemented with classic messages (one can block at most the number from which one receives).

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