What is rebranding and why do it?

what is the purpose of rebranding
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What is rebranding? What are the benefits of this process of change aimed at renewing the image of your business reality.

When we think of a very famous company, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely the brand, that is, that distinctive logo that identifies it in the eyes of the public. But it is certainly not the only visual element that sets it apart. TV commercials, posters, advertising slogans, website etc. can be considered those business cards shown to the potential customer, who will get an immediate idea based on what they see or read.

However, in such cases there is a risk of conveying a feeling of static and little interest, due essentially to a look that is always the same and never renewed over time. For this reason, a restyling of the 360-degree brand represents the ideal opportunity to stay on top of the game and get back to intriguing the consumer. And that's where rebranding comes in.

What is the purpose of rebranding

By rebranding we can mean that process aimed at changing the face of a company, so as to make it more visible and attractive to those who observe it from the outside. This strategy is mainly based on the belief that a brand's market presence is also linked to the quality of one's image, and not only on that relating to the goods or service offered to the public.

why do rebranding

This new way of communicating allows companies to renew themselves over the years and put more emphasis on their offerings to their target audience. A kind of relaunch with which they can appear more charming and attractive toward the public, both in terms of the purely visual style and the words used for propaganda purposes within any advertisement.

Indeed, the goal is to improve the way the market perceives a particular brand, leading to a conspicuous increase in profits that will go hand in hand with the reputation of the company. Of course, this is not about completely altering the appearance of your corporate image, but simply adapt it to the needs of the historical moment in which you find yourself, without the danger of appearing old-fashioned and out-of-touch

Why do it?

The rebranding activity, as you might well imagine, involves a few steps. First, there is a review of the very content of the company or product in question that may appear to be démodé. Next, it will be necessary to recreate a new logo, a new visual identity, a new slogan, and above all, revamp one's web page. These actions, carried out as we have just said to change the appearance of a company, will allow you to have more appeal verso i consumers sul territorio nazionale ed internazionale. Ciò significa ueancheananche migliorare l’efficacia commerciale con l’uso di nuovi mezzi di comunicazione mai adoperati prima (ad esempio la radio).

So doing a rebranding is a practice that allows you to relaunch your corporate image and return to be competitive in the market thanks to a better reputation than before. Not to mention staying in step with the times without appearing unfashionable, while also standing out from your competitors.

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Rebranding is a process of research and renewal of a brand that involves choosing a new way of communicating and conveying the visual identity, making it more attractive in the marketplace. It is a very challenging process that requires a strategic approach quite varied and complex. And it is in these cases that the support of a communications agency such as ours can make all the difference, providing you with skilled professionals in the field with whom you can implement an incisive and effective rebrand campaign for your promotional campaigns and website.

Give your look a new lease on life and get competitive again in your target industry!

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