Subscription Economy: what it is and how it works.

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In recent years with the advent of the Internet, new types of Business have emerged, among them we find the "Subscription Economy" many of the activities we do on a daily basis are based on this business model, and many of today's companies have managed to overcome the financial crisis thanks to this transformation.

The fundamental goal of any business is to create a successful product.

This makes the secondary or closely related goal to the first one the ability to sell as many units of this product as possible so as to decrease fixed costs and increase margins. Unfortunately, this type of model is finished today and can no longer provide for the livelihood of the Companies.
To create a product on the needs of people today that is based on the concept of Subscription Economy is the key to having recurring entries through the subscription system.
Il nostro mondo sta cambiando e sistemi operativi come quelli presenti negli Smartphone si basano su questo modello di Business, le persone sono ormai abituate ad acquistare con facilità con la propria carta di credito un servizio in abbonamento e tutto questo perché miliardi di consumers stanno preferendo sempre più l’accesso rispetto al possesso.
Example A classic example of Subscription Economy unrelated to the IT world is the Long-term rental which has been experiencing an explosion in recent years.
Thanks to Long-Term Rental, people can have access to an asset without owning it, and companies still derive ongoing revenues from it since the car is a necessary asset for families and businesses.
Personally, I am continuously trying to create Business models based on this model, in the last few years I have been working on my first web software called Help Me Post that allows you to quickly manage your social platforms, and this software can be used via The purchase of a monthly or annual subscription.
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