How to make WhatsApp group video calls

whatsApp group video calls how many people
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How to make the videochiamate di gruppo WhatsApp? Let's find out together step by step.

Who does not know the world's most popular instant messaging application found on billions of smartphones. The reason is simple: WhatsApp is really easy to use, but more importantly it has so many features that make it irreplaceable. But we are not simply talking about sending text messages, emoticons or posting stories.

In fact, for the past few years, the option for the video call, a very popular alternative to the already popular Skype, Meet or Zoom. A tool particularly suitable for informal chats between friends or family, and why not also make business calls with colleagues or clients. But how to make the group video calls on WhatsApp? Here is a well-researched guide with the different ways available and the relevant steps to follow.

Whatsapp group video calls

Le Whatsapp group video calls represent a great way to stay in touch with family or friends who live a long distance away, simply by using the mobile application that can be downloaded to devices Android and iOS. Lo strumento ideale anche per organizzare eventi o discutere di lavoro con i colleghi in sharing video.

whatsapp group video call

It is therefore a really simple, intuitive solution that everyone can use. It is sufficient for the telephone contact Of the subjects to video call are saved on the phone. However, we should mention that this feature is not present on WhatsApp Web, the online program that allows you to use the app directly on your pc (here an article about it).

How to make group video calls on WhatsApp

That said, let's not get further lost in chatter. Let us see together how to make the WhatsApp group video calls With your smartphone. They are three options at your disposal:

  1. Initiate a call with one contact, and in the meantime add the other participants
  2. Open the chat of an already formed group and from there choose the people who have joined
  3. Select subjects to video call one by one

In the first case, just start a video call with a single person (click on the videocam symbol in the upper right part), and after the call begins, you will be able to add more participants via the icon +.

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When this is done, a list of contacts to be entered will be shown making it de facto a video call to three or more people.

A quick and easy way to make video calls to three or more participants

Another step to consider is to initiate a WhatsApp group video call for example on the group chat created to interact with friends, colleagues, parents and siblings and so on. All you have to do is to always tap on the little icon depicting a camera and from there you will be shown a list with members you can select one by one. Of course, if you start the video call and you forgot to add one of the participants, you can always add him/her on the call in progress with the appropriate function.

The third option involves the following steps:

calls > icon depicting a phone with a + sign next to it > New group call  > select participants > camera symbol


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