Choose the theme for the blog

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Choose the theme for the blog

You preferred to open a blog instead of a website. Perfect. Now you need to understand how to make money from a blog and the first step is to choose the right topic. Google and all search engines prefer blogs with an immediately recognizable theme, so as to place them in an immediately recognizable category and because blogs specialized in a specific theme attract visitors more easily.

From the point of view of earnings it is always better to open a sector blog and limit yourself to just one sector. First, let's talk about focusing on one industry and knowing everything about it. The profit you will derive from it will be direct and deriving from users who are certainly interested in that product in that sector. Finally, your blog receives a certain respectability as it specializes in that sector, the so-called “making a name for yourself”.

Think about the purpose, then decide on the theme

There is no right theme in general, but there is the right theme for you, obviously it depends a lot on your goals. If you want to make money with your blog, you should first check that the interest in the topic is great enough, that visitors want to buy in that sector and that your efforts will be rewarded in the short term. Usually every blogger diversifies by choosing a good topic, but this choice only happens after understanding their personal goals. It is really very important to choose a topic that is a true passion for you and in which you are willing to invest long term and a long time.

Follow your theme

We leave you with some suggestions for finding an interesting blog topic:

  • Brainstorming
    Think about your interests and make a list of your ideas, think of anything that comes to mind and talk about it with someone you know well.
  • Hobbies, pastimes, jobs
    Hobbies are definitely suitable topics for a blog, as is your job or a sport you practice. You will be sure that you know him well and what you talk about will certainly be interesting.
  • Interests and passions
    Also choose a topic that you often research online in your free time, this way you will already know which sites are dedicated and where to get information, as well as demonstrating an interest in the specific topic.
  • Acquire potential
    If you start your blog to make money, look for profitable topics. Evaluate those sectors already well represented in affiliate networks, magazines or online stores.
  • Offer something your competition doesn't offer
    What are the most important blogs in a given sector? How can you improve their offering? What are they missing?
  • Article ideas
    The ideal is to be able to immediately think of at least 10 basic article ideas that you can then develop. If not, blogging isn't particularly good for you.
  • A topic with a future
    Think about what you want to talk about? Is it only important today or does it have a future? Do you think you'll be able to write about a topic in a few years? If yes, then it is worth considering.
  • You can not wait?
    Are you excited to start writing? Great sign! Know that an excellent blogger never loses the desire to write, on the contrary... if the appetite comes from eating, for the blogger, the articles come from writing!

Choose the theme for the blog with ThemeForest one of the best portals on the Internet.

Before starting, ask yourself if…

You are sure that your arguments are interesting, you have written them well and you need to publish them. Now ask yourself questions about each of them, and then make the final decision:

  • Do I want to consistently write about this topic all the time?
    If you have a real passion for a topic, you will have a constant desire to write, keep the blog updated and always go further to share your information with your visitors.
  • Does the topic have a passionate audience?
    A topic must trigger emotions, especially a passion, in order to generate more comments and more readers, who will always be involved and enthusiastic.
  • Is the theme right for my goals?
    The theme should directly help your goals achieve your goal: really ask yourself if this is the case.
  • Do you remain flexible on the topic?
    Don't be too linear and rigid with your topic. You can always insert and integrate new related topics or related to complementary sectors. Let your blog grow as the articles take shape and space within it.
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