How to download Windows 11 on your computer

how to download windows 11

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How to download Windows 11 and use the new version of Microsoft's home operating system on your PC.

A full thirty-six years have passed since the release of Release 1.0 produced by the famous U.S. computer company, which reached number eleven in two thousand and one. Four decades marked by a number of intermediate milestones, which marked the nascent digital age. Millennials for example will certainly remember Windows 96, 2000, XP, up to 8.1 and 10, the latter used on the state-of-the-art devices.

But that sector is constantly evolving, with the recent possibility of download Windows 11 and benefit from the added features and improvements that have been made.

Latest Windows 11 news

Before analyzing how to download Windows 11 let's look at what has changed from the past. Among the MAIN NEWS attested (and thus official after viewing the test version) we have in fact:

download windows 11

  • More polished graphics, with more attractive icons and overall smooth and intuitive handling;
  • A new system for placing open pages;
  • The introduction of additional widgets;
  • The improvement of the multi-display system;
  • The upcoming use of Android applications.

Version eleven of Windows thus presents itself as an even more efficient tool in terms of use. Starting with the innovative method for place open pages, simply via a box that pops up by directing the arrow to the symbol used for enlarging the window. When this is done, a series of graphs will be shown for you to select according to the size of your screen.

More convenient, intuitive and state-of-the-art functionality

The most striking new feature (available by the end of the year) is the ability to make the start Android apps, with executable download for from Microsoft's official store. Very pleasing are the various widgets, revamped from an aesthetic point of view and with a more intuitive cataloging by theme. Honorable mention as to why. download Windows 11 should also be given to the function that allows multiple desktops in one screen, highly customizable and easier to manage. For example, it is possible to start a program differently on two windows, so that different activities can be performed on it.

Windows 11 how to have it

How to download Windows 11

Having outlined the main changes, let us see how to download Windows 11 as it is being deployed to enabled computers. The PC that will host the current version must in fact meet certain requirements regarding the processor, Ram, storage memory, TPM, system firmware, graphics card, screen resolution (here the link). After that, to see that the update is available, simply go to Windows Update, going through the settings and the update and security section.

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If this fails, you will necessarily have to purchase a state-of-the-art computer that can support the newly developed version.



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