Neteller what it is and how it works

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Neteller, the secure and fast electronic wallet, is one of the most widely used payment systems of the moment.

The money transfer on the web has become an established practice affecting an increasing number of users. Financial transactions have gained prominence in the online world, with large figures. This is due in large part to a new way of understanding the buying and selling of goods and services; no longer live, for example in a store, but it is the net that has become the main stage. Not to mention the online trading activities that are having a not inconsiderable success, requiring continuous capital movements.

Reason being, new tools have sprung up in recent years that have further facilitated the movement of money on the network for the benefit of users. Among the most popular services we certainly find Neteller.

Neteller how it works

This is an online account in which you can depositing and withdrawing money. This is done through certain means such as prepaid cards, wire transfers, and cryptocurrency. It is an innovative system for transferring one's money in total security, via pc or the official downloadable app on Android and iOs devices.

There are several maneuvers that can be performed on Neteller:

  • Entering and withdrawing money;
  • Move the cash to a prepaid card or bank account;
  • send them to individuals registered on the platform in more than twenty currencies (and receive them), at no cost, via e-mail;
  • employ the money to make online purchases (e.g., on the sites of e-commerce).

One of the most commonly used options is the transfer of funds to a bank account. After registering the account details will be made a test deposit, usually amounting to a little less than 1 euro, so as to later send the amount to the account, pressing withdrawal and bank verification. In case the transaction does not occur within a few days, it is advisable to contact customer service.

One of the most significant aspects is that money can be sent to those who do not have an account. It will be sufficient to open one as soon as the message containing the figure sent by the principal is received on your e-mail.

Recall that with Neteller also you can perform money transactions with portals dedicated to online gaming, such as Sisal, with no fees for withdrawals and top-ups.

Home page of neteller

How to create an account

Open a Neteller account is an easy action and free. To register you must enter your personal details on the appropriate section, reporting: Full name, date of birth, residence and cell phone number. Having done so, one must wait for the receipt of a notice on the e-mail returning to the Web address of the site, showing the profile and security ID codes, which must then be re-entered in the confactored sections.

After that you have to choose the method of payment which will be used to withdraw and put money on the digital wallet. At the end of these tastings, a basic profile, that is, an account that has not yet been verified. To get the latter instead, one must go to the next step.

Identity Verification

For those who wish, it is possible to verify their identity to obtain a verified profile. It is not a step with compulsory value, but it enables the Remove some stakes on sending and withdrawing money.

In case you choose to proceed with the assessment, it is necessary to enter a ID And A utility bill testifying to the intestate's residence, naming the street and own personal details.

Usually the processing process for document verification does not take more than the 48 hours.

How to deposit and withdraw money

Depending on the tools used, different timeframes and expenses are involved:

  • Paper (mastercard, Paypal, Visa, etc.), with instant transfer and a fee ranging from 1.9 to 4.95 percent;
  • Bank, same time mode and at no additional cost;
  • Foreign bank, with the transition being completed in a maximum of 3 working days, without charge;
  • Cryptocurrencies (bitcoin), with 1 percent commission.

For withdrawal, the situation is slightly different. The ideal solution is the Neteller card, the Net plus mastercard, a prepaid card with annual fee of 10 euros. It allows purchases to be made both in traditional commercial establishments and on the Internet. Charges are deducted directly from the account, as it is linked to it. You can receive for free directly at the address given by the user, withdrawing money from any Atm at a rate of 1.75 percent.

Costs, on the other hand, are higher with:

  • Bank transfer, in working days and at a cost of 7.5 euros;
  • Bank transfer, same figure but with a longer time frame (up to 5 dì).

Skrill vs Neteller?

Many users, given the goodness of the services are often undecided whether to rely on Skrill or Neteller. However, these are two secure and highly efficient products with many aspects in common, both serving as a virtual wallet.

The differences are given by commissions, which make one or the other choice prevail toward one or the other depending on one's needs.


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