15 October 2020
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How Satispay works: the mobile payment app

How Satispay works, the revolutionary application for making electronic payments with your smartphone. The cultural and technological advancement that has characterized the last decades is [...]
29 August 2019

Skrill cos’è e come funziona

Skrill cos’è e come funziona: in questo articolo mostriamo le principali funzioni dell’innovativo sistema per il trasferimento di denaro online. L’attuale periodo storico è caratterizzato da [...]
20 August 2019

Neteller what it is and how it works

Neteller, the safe and fast electronic wallet, is one of the most used payment systems of the moment. Money transfer on the web has become one [...]
1 July 2019

How Braintree works

After having illustrated the features of Stripe, let's see how Braintree, the system for managing payments on the web, works. Set up your own business on the web [...]
23 May 2019

Transferwise, how it works

Transferwise, how the most used system for sending money online to foreign countries works. Further clarification on use, costs and registration links in this article. Sending money [...]
16 May 2019

Azimo, how it works

Azimo, the service for transferring money abroad Azimo is the fastest and cheapest system for exchanging liquids from an Italian account to [...]