SEO specialist what he does and how to become one

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Seo Specialist, what it does the professional figure created to improve the indexing of a site on search engines.

With the advent of the Web, communication has undergone a remarkable transformation. A change made to stay in step with the times, such that it affects everyday life. Just think of advertising, first an integral part of TV and radio and now conveyed through other media, namely the Internet, and intercepted on PCs and smartphones.

Da ciò si evince una constatazione altamente rilevante: le modalità con cui vengono proposti un prodotto o servizio sono cambiate. I nuovi sistemi hanno dato vita a una forma di divulgazione alternativa, caratterizzata da precise direttive su cui impostare la reclame. Un esempio evidente è dato dalla nascita di una nuova figura professionale, divenuta parte integrante e indispensabile all’interno di una campagna pubblicitaria di qualsiasi marchio: il seo specialist.

Seo specialist what does

Any brand active in the market has a website on which to show the peculiarities of one's business to users, as well as the services offered. However, in order to achieve the desired success, it is not enough to create attractive graphics and write a grammatically correct text. In addition to the presentation and a fluent article, it is necessary to assist all this with the skills of an expert, capable of integrating all those expedients having as an end a highest number of page views, namely the seo expert.

Seo Specialist what it does. It is a specialized figure devoted to Improve search engine optimization of a website. It consists of a real job in which to manage the direct-to-reader communication strategy, characterized by collaboration with other workers, such as copywriters and developers.

Professional skills of a Seo expert

The seo specialist is the one who contextualizes a site's web content according to the Seo directives (Search Engine Optimization). They mean rules that promote the indexing of the site on the search engine, according to the searches made by users.

There are several skills and tasks provided by this professional figure:

  • Knowledge of Seo guidelines and basics regarding programming languages,
  • Extensive training on the use of the most renowned Csm, such as WordPress;
  • Expertise of programs, such as Google Search Console and Analytics, with which to unearth current trends and primary and secondary keywords on which to develop content;
  • Keep abreast of the latest Google news;
  • Study the trends of the moment;
  • Constant monitoring of trends on major social networks.
<strong>seo specialist what does</strong> Gianluca Gentile

seo specialist what does ? here is some of the software I use.

In summary, the Seo Specialist's task is to set the content following precise rules, such as the presenza della parola chiave principale in precise parti del testo, titolo e descrizione idonei, struttura del permalink, optimization delle immagini, ecc.

In addition to compliance with these directions, one must have an articulate dexterity in the choose the keywords to be included and the quantity of them, have an understanding of the platform on which the site is housed, set up a strategy aimed at link building and link earning.

How to become a Seo expert

Numerose realtà possono integrare all’interno del proprio personale le mansioni di questo esperto. Basti pensare a tutte quelle aziende che vendono prodotti online, con un proprio e-commerce. Oppure blog, siti di informazione, che “restano a galla” grazie alle views dei lettori e a maggiori possibilità di essere nelle prime posizioni sui risultati dei motori di ricerca.

Those who wish to have advice on how to become seo specialist there are two paths. The first leads to intensive self-study, in which to hone one's writing skills (in the absence of a copywriter) and notions of site structure. The latter has a significant bearing on indexing ability. Alternatively, there are courses, with valid training paths and certificates issued, including those of well-known brands such as Seozoom.

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