Site Kit, the WordPress plugin produced by Google

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Site Kit WordPress, finally available the official version of the plugin made by Google for the CMS most loved by users.

WordPress is the main tool used for the creation of a website. It is the most widely used platform by users, considering that more than 30 percent of online spaces are made with this content management system.

It is suitable not only for professionals and large companies, which want to expand their online business, but also for newcomers who want to have a constant presence on the net. It turns out to be very simple to use, not needing considerable computer skills, and above all economical. In addition, for professional use the site owner can make use of all those additional software, i.e. the plugins, which make it even more profitable to use, further expanding its functionality.

Even a giant like Google fully understood the opportunities arising from the use of this software, the latter being a service that is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This interest led to the creation of the Site kit plugin.

Google Site Kit

Site Kit Google is the first plugin made by the Mountain View company for WordPress. The official version was released on October 31, 2019, after the beta version that had a fairly long run, almost 12 months.

This is a service that will delight users of this CMS, who will benefit from the additional components made by none other than the U.S. company. One will then have all Google software at your fingertips, being present within the site screen. We can mention the integration of web services such as:

  • AdSense, the service for banner ads to place within one's site and monetize with one's content;
  • Search Console, with which to check the presence of the site on Google searches;
  • Analytics, useful for having visitor reports available;
  • Page Speed Insights, which is necessary to note the performance and speed of page loading;
  • Optimize, a means by which to run A/B tests to determine which version of the page to adopt.

site kit

Not even a week after its distribution Site Kit was Installed by more than 40 thousand intents. It is currently usable in only 7 idioms: English (usa), Spanish, Venezuelan Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Norwegian. However, more languages will be added within a short time.

Use Site Kit WordPress plugin

Site kit Google enables many opportunities, including:

  • Understand the trend and performance of the website, in modo tale da adottare successivamente le migliori strategies ed ottimizzarne la produttività;
  • View reports and statistics derived from their activities;
  • Examine the actions taken by visitors;
  • See how quickly the pages load.

All this can be availed of in a single screen. As a result, all these data are easily evaluated by the owners of the site. To give a practical example, let's take an article covering any topic as a reference. By clicking on the heading Site Kit present in the panel it will be possible to observe valuable metrics: unique visitors, impressions, clicks, average dwell time, click through rate, etc..

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