Skrill what it is and how it works

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Skrill what is and how it works: in this article we show the main functions of the innovative online money transfer system.

The current historical period is characterized by a definite direction toward the world of the Web. Indeed, the Internet has become a transposition of reality, a place where a large number of actions can be performed. Therefore, even the management and the movement of capital Have a need to have an online presence.

Buying and selling products or services, sending money to other users, transferring from an account to a prepaid card etc.; these are all acts on the agenda within the network, affecting an increasing number of people.

Questo ha portato ad un innalzamento della richiesta da parte dei consumers dei cosiddetti conti digitali tali da poter garantire una maggiore sicurezza, senza il rischio di perdere il proprio denaro o dover pagare quote salatissime.

Among the best-known brands in the industry, with wide public appreciation and flattering feedback issued by users, it is fitting to include Skrill.

Skrill what is

Skrill, along with Neteller And Paysafecard, is one of the most widely used accounts for withdrawing and placing capital online. This electronic wallet allows it to be administered without any risk, as it does not have bank details, acting through the e-mail address. Not surprisingly, one of the exclusive services is thesending and requesting money via email With other members.

Transactions can be made in more than two hundred nations around the world, on more than forty different currencies, using the official website or the app usable on their smartphones. It also hosts the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as. Bitcoin and Ethereum. They can be exchanged for common currencies currently on the market, such as euro and dollar, by pressing on the appropriate section on the site.

As for the Skrill commissions the situation is quite clear. In the case of purchases on websites such as common e-commerce there are no additional costs, as well as for receiving money from other members. In contrast, for send money to another profile, the fee amounts to the1.9 percent, with a maximum expenditure not exceeding twenty euros.

Another aspect to be taken into account is that confined to online shopping with foreign currencies, with an addition ranging from 2.99 to 3.99 percent.

How to withdraw and deposit money

Paying with Skrill is an action that can be done very easily and with complete peace of mind. Several options are available for withdrawing your capital. The relevant fees are listed next to them:

  • Visa card - €2.95;
  • Mastercard skrill card - 1.75 %;
  • Bank account - €5.50.

So withdrawal can only take place with Visa (e.g., Postepay). The only one belonging to the Mastercard circuit accepted is the Skrill card. The latter, which is linked to the account, can be requested by the account holder, and can be used both for spending at common businesses and at online sales sites. Suitable currencies for use are the U.S. dollar the British pound, the Polish zloty, and the euro.

There shipping at your home is free of charge, with delivery is expected between two and 10 working days. After that, it must be activated by following the directions readily explained on the website. The money can be withdrawn at any Atm. The only charges are related to the annual cost of 10 euros, to the withdrawal corresponding to 1.75 % of the total amount, as well as 3.99 % to translate the money into the other currencies.

In terms of loading money (again with the addition alongside the rates) we have:

  • Prepaid card (Visa, Mastercard) - 1.9 %;
  • American Express Credit Card - 2.5 %;
  • Neteller - 3 %;
  • Paysafecard - 7 %;
  • Transfer to current account - free of charge.

Skrill registration

Creating a personal account is free if at least one withdrawal or sending of money is made within a year. Otherwise, it is necessary to pay a fee amounting to one euro per month In the time interval when the account is not used.

To register, the first step is to enter the email, password and yourgenerality. Then you have to make a small deposit by bank transfer or credit card, even about ten euros, an e-mail message will arrive stating that the account has been opened.

N.B. in order to attest to the identity of the person the platform is used to temporarily block the account. After appropriate verification it will be reactivated.

Skrill opinions

The question that many people are asking is as follows: Is skrill safe?  The answer is certainly affirmative. This is thanks to exemplary protection of personal and banking data, with a system that checks for possible attacks at any time, nipped in the bud.

What's more, one can easily ferret out on the network the reviews of users, who were able to benefit from all the services offered.

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