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A blog takes time and dedication to create articles and content, but it can add value to your site to retain readers

The passion and ability to writing can be very useful tools for enriching one's showcase site, thanks to the creation of a blog. But for what purpose? If you have an audience of readers you can share information with them, which will help them overcome difficulties or to learn something new.
So many people create their blogs almost for fun, as a simple pastime to communicate with other web users. Blogging is not just that, as it offers the possibility of creating a real community che sfrutta lo spazio di sharing creato dal blogger.
Before creating a community healthy and loyal, it is important to conduct a study on the target of reference: the more you know about the target you address, the more you can customize your blog for style and content that is increasingly appealing, building reader loyalty.
Touching on certain topics that are "tailored" to specific readers will help increase traffic to both the blog and one's own site, and it is through such simple and immediate sharing that the blogger Has the ability to start business online, thanks to the skills acquired.
What does it take to create a successful blog? And what are the benefits it offers? Let's look at it in a few simple steps.

Blogging takes some storytelling

Sharing one's experiences is the best way to attract readers. The technique of storytelling, literally "the act of storytelling," is best suited to communicate and tell what happened to you, what difficulties you faced in a given situation and how you overcame them. Lo storytelling is characterized by 5 rules fundamentals and, once followed, the blogger will be in the best position to write, communicating the value or values they want to bring forward.
If you communicate something too aseptically, it will be of little interest to those who read it. Instead, if you tell and deal with any topic, even the most boring one, turning it into a kind of "adventure," the content shared on the web will attract curiosity in a more direct way, as if following a story.
Have you punctured a tire on the road and don't know how to fix it? Do you want advice on buying a phone? Would you like to start a personal blog? There are a wide variety of topics you could cover, so: many topics equals a lot of content.
In this way, the reader will be able to identify with and make your experiences their own and feel them closer. This will increase credibility and quality of the published content, along with that of the products and services offered by the site, which will appear in the eyes of customers much more professional.


Creating a blog

Creating a blog can be an added value

Positioning and earnings: what are the benefits of blogging?

In addition to sharing experiences, the blog offers the opportunity to promote and sponsor their own products In the articles. Explanations, advice, suggestions can be given, directing readers to the products and services offered by the site. This will increase earnings if people believe that the "yours" service or product is best to solve a problem or meet a need.

Before writing articles for the blog: most searched keywords

One of the best platforms for creating your own blog is WordPress; user can choose themes and add the plug in most appropriate for creating and optimizing content.
Article writing in optics SEO is very important, and in order for blog content to be found by search engines, it is critical to use keywords to advance positions in web pages.


Google Trends and SEOZoom are the most widely used tools for individual keywords, which are the foundation on which the work of writing blog articles is built. If the content is well indexed and ranks well, the chances gain and increase in traffic on the site will be much higher.
In addition, it is important to enhance niches in order to create specific contents that will retain more readers who will find the content offered by the blog increasingly interesting.

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