Why have a website?

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Maybe we should say, do we really need a website?

This is a good question! Why have a site? If you are asking yourself this question, it is because you do not yet fully understand the benefits of having a website Or you simply have never implemented or managed one.

Every day in Italy millions of people connect to the Internet to visit websites, even the simple consultation of their profile Facebook Is considered to a visit to a website in that it Facebook Is a website as is YouYube.

For those who are still unfamiliar with this market or do not understand how it works, it is only right to ask questions, below I will try to answer the 5 most frequently asked questions related to a website.


  1. Why have a website?A website is the business card of our day, it communicates reliability And professionalism, messages are clear and immediate even to potential customers who reside miles away from your business.
    There is ample evidence that before any purchase of a product or service, the customer does several searches to find out about prices, timing, or simply to glean as much information as possible, and where does he or she do these searches? On the Internet, of course!
  2. What advantages do I have with a website?
    The advantages are many; those who are present on the Internet certainly have more advantages than those who are not, and many times not being present gives the customer a sense of "absence."
    This is simply an irrefutable fact, being on the Internet in addition to simplifying your company's information activities helps to increase your reach.
    Besides, just analyze your competitors, they probably already have a site and have been online for some time.
  3. We talk about image but I have a small business what do I do with it?
    The website is your sign, would you rather have a good sign or an ugly sign? The website is the sign of our day and communicates instant reliability and credibility to our customers.
  4. Can it help stimulate my clients?
    Certainly yes! a website facilitates the relationship between the owner and the customer through such means as: Blog, Facebook page, email or the brand new push notifications.
    Let us simply think of the multitude of products a company can sell. How to advertise them? One by one? With a website you present a company in its entirety.
  5. Is it easy to sell online?
    Absolutely, but it is not something that can be done independently as the implementation and management of a e-commerce richiede delle conoscenze di Economia, Marketing, Programmazione e Grafica. Grazie alla mia esperienza consiglio ogni giorno le soluzioni più appropriate per iniziare a vendere online.

Queste sono sole alcune delle domande più comuni alle quali mi trovo a rispondere ogni giorno, rimane comunque evidente che al giorno d’oggi qualsiasi attività imprenditoriale grande o piccola necessiti di un sito web per la propria online promotion, se hai domande non esitare a contattarmi per una consulenza gratuita.

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  1. Issam says:

    Thank you for this important blog, and for clearing up an idea that may be evedent for some, pero to me it has been really helpful because we need to be present online at least to be quard.

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