Become a successful blogger

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Become a successful blogger

How many times have you thought about starting a blog and always been reticent or with a thousand doubts? Many people have the idea, get in front of the PC and start the blog without hesitation; other people think about it for a long time, mainly because they think they do not have the right preparation or skills to start a successful blog.

If you still have any doubts, we help you with a small guide, to get started with starting a blog, which you will then develop over time. For now, we point out the basic points to become a good blogger, and later, you will know how to make the blog into a beautiful, successful, persuasive and profitable blog.

With our little guide you can find:

  • What skills you must have to best develop your blog
  • What skills are an advantage to best develop your blog
  • Tips for a successful approach to blogging

Who, what, why?

As many different people exist, so there are different types of bloggers. People in life deal with other different people, bloggers must take into account instead the target audience to which the blog relates namely the "who," the topics expressed in the blog namely the "what," and your ultimate goal namely the "why" you started the blog. These three things will help you understand the skills you will need to start and develop a successful blog.


We recommend that you develop a basic skill set. This will give you an edge whatever kind of blogger you want to be:

Being passionate about writing

Being a blogger means writing, and being passionate about writing is definitely the number one skill you must possess. Publishing content also involves regularity. You cannot have a blog and write once a week, whenever you feel the need you have to write. After all, the blog is an electronic diary, so every idea you have has to be expressed through the keyboard.

Knowing how to write correctly

Passion for writing also implies you are really able to "write well." Let's not talk about arguments, because each of us is different in the way we write, express concepts and a lot also depends on the subject matter : a financial blogger cannot write in the same way as writing a blog about cartoons and manga. But the writing must be grammatically correct and error-free.

An important point is to attract the reader, so the arguments must also be satisfying and your articles interesting and well constructed. Always focus on the topic you want to talk about, try to be very verbose and speak to your user directly as if you were talking to your friend. Always pay attention to spelling and grammatical structures.

Doing research

If you write about a topic you know little about, or if you include that topic in one of your cross-reference articles, learn to research the topic. You will definitely learn new things, you will not give false information, and you can reconstruct really interesting topics, even if you know very little about them. Always find news or information you don't know and never write about things you don't know about.

Having perseverance

Having a blog is like playing sports: it takes perseverance and discipline. You're not going to be famous in a couple of days, because time has to take its course, but if you think you're going to be at the top of the writer's rankings by tomorrow, you might want to quit blogging right away. If, on the other hand, you think you are consistent and disciplined then go ahead and you will reap great benefits. You need to attract a nice audience interested in your topics. It will be a small audience at first, but if you are persistent the results will come. A word of advice: even if you don't feel like it or think the topic on your mind is useless, you write, always write and always keep your blog alive.

Choose the perfect topic

Choose a topic or topics based on your knowledge or passions. If you think your blog should focus on a specific topic, you will need to be a true enthusiast and always follow the evolution of your blog. You absolutely must write about topics in which you are sure you will never lose interest in the future, you would risk getting tired and writing would just become a burden.

Increasing one's skills

Always look for new news or scoop about the topics you want to write about. Readers diversify into readers who know nothing about the topic and follow your blog for news; readers who know more than you do and are just looking for your mistake to make a negative comment. So let's go back to the earlier point of "doing research," even if you are knowledgeable about the topic.

In any case with old knowledge and new knowledge, you will be able to develop new technical and information experience that will allow you to never miss a beat with your users.

With an open mind

Try not to be the center of attention, but share your knowledge, be open to new experiences and relationships within the online community. Your contacts can be extremely useful, especially for finding and establishing new business relationships in case you blog about products and cultivate a dedicated readership if yours is just an information blog.


As we have already reminded you, to achieve a successful blog, you have to write, write, write. We know that after working from morning to night, after a day with the children, or a day at school, just thinking about writing might be exhausting. We advise you to think about what part of the day your mind is most alert, processes most easily and is most creative. Carve out time to write and always be regular.

Try to make blogging an integral part of your day. Take advantage of all the downtime in your day, even if it is just to make notes for a future article, think of development ideas, or write the actual article. Writing should be a habit that you want to be around all the time.

Know yourself and the users

Try to establish relationships with people who read and eventually, respond to your content. It is very helpful to read the experiences and opinions of others, especially when they have constructive arguments.

Never lose your morals, whether you write for information, whether you write to make money. Often the most popular blogs attract very dubious profit proposals. Always be consistent and consider the consequences of your possible actions and let your activities always be transparent.

Extra knowledge

Develop new skills and knowledge. Your blog will benefit, and your respectability with your users will also always be revalued. It is not mandatory, but the more knowledge you have in developing your blog, the more interest and interest you will receive in return. You could start developing:

Technical skills

Learn the (at least basic) concepts of web technologies, of hosting and content management. It will be easier for you and you will save money and time by doing it yourself.


Most blogs can be made without any programming language skills, but if you possessed some expertise in HTML and CSS (the formatting and design language for Web pages), you would really have a leg up. You can then refine and redesign your blog yourself as you develop it.

It will certainly seem difficult and a waste of time at first, but it will be a good investment that will ensure that in the long run you will be able to make changes and improvements without resorting to third parties, who would then demand payment from you.


Avrai sentito sempre parlare di SEO e Optimization dei motori di ricerca? Bene Google e altri motori di ricerca tendono a preferire come siti web/blog degni di nota, quelli che perfezionano e migliorano costantemente i propri contenuti. In questo modo puoi crescere come blogger semplicemente concentrandoti sulla qualità dei tuoi post.

In any case, SEO (search engine optimization) still plays a significant role in order to increase visibility and ranking on the Web. In fact, an unoptimized blog is a discarded blog and a lost opportunity for you. Never underestimate SEO.


Ovviamente il tuo fine è aumentare il numero di visitatori. Puoi ottimizzare tutto con diversi metodi di marketing. In primis devi sapere come utilizzare i social media e avere un ritorno a proprio vantaggio, oltre a poter sperimentare diversi canali.


You don't just have your users doing numbers on your blog. Think of an effective way to be able to connect your content providers with others, your users or business partners. This exchange makes your network grow larger and larger, and more people will connect to your blog, either through the online method or in person.

Graphics and Images

Arguments, however effective and interesting they may be, will never attract a user if they are devoid of a striking image. Images are a powerful tool for bloggers, and for some they are essential: for example, for cooking blogs, with images that follow recipes step by step.

Optimize the best images, learn how to take or download the best photos from the web, in great formats and that can attract even those who do not read the article, but are attracted only by the image and stop to read.


Ricorda che più passa il tempo, più argomenti vecchi o nuovi tu scriva, ti forniranno quell’esperienza necessaria per rendere davvero ottimo il tuo blog.


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