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CMS comparison, a detailed analysis of the best content management systems on the web

A CMS comparison it is the ideal solution for choosing the most suitable application to best manage your business website. In this article we show a detailed guide on the various content management systems present on the internet.

There advertisement è un mezzo indispensabile per la sopravvivenza di qualsiasi azienda. Favorisce la diffusione e la conoscenza di un marchio, attirando la curiosità dei possibili consumers. Questo sistema negli ultimi decenni è sensibilmente mutato. Dai classici mezzi di comunicazione si è passati ad uno strumento molto più efficace, data l’ingente mole di individui che ne possono essere coinvolti. Stiamo parlando di Internet. For any work activity, whether it is a company or a simple private individual, it has become necessary to open a commercial window on the web. Implement one marketing strategy through the creation of a social page or website, in which you can illustrate the contents of the service offered.

However manage a website it may seem complicated. In fact, there are many elements to take into consideration for optimal work. The main purpose of those who open an online space is to propose a service: a blog, page of a company or a freelancer intent on promoting a product, etc. Therefore it is It is necessary to create an interface with engaging content, which push the user to take an interest in what is proposed to him.

CMS comparison, a valid help for managing your website

For those who do not have the basics in a specific field of work, nothing is simple, especially in the world of the web. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome these shortcomings through valuable measures. IT applications created to alleviate the difficulties of those who manage a website, providing considerable help. An important reference is the CMS, the content management system.

CMS, acronym for Content Management System, they are gods software that simplifies the management of content on a website. From a specific point of view, they ensure that the web page can be managed in its entirety in a correct and simplified manner. They make available agraphical interface in which you can insert content, elements to manage and publish, such as images, photos, articles, videos, etc., in a completely easy way. It is particularly suitable for those who do not have a particular IT culture. In this way anyone who wants to start a website, even without knowing anything about programming, has the opportunity to do so, without worrying about how to administer everything.

Which software to choose? Here is a CMS comparison

Choosing consciously between the various CMS is of fundamental importance for the good quality of your work. At the same time it is advisable to turn, at least initially, on other considerations, inherent to the type of business you intend to start on the network. A question to ask is what is the distinctive theme of what you want to propose. Blog, forum, siti d’informazione, piattaforme e-commerce per gli acquisti in rete ecc., each of them has specific characteristics that can be combined with the most suitable software.

Yet it is not easy to choose the one most relevant to your business. Some elements that push you to choose one over another are:

  • Ease and speed of installation, perhaps with an IT wizard;
  • Possibility to enhance your site using modules, widgets, extensions;
  • Ability to publish multilingual content;
  • Greater response of views with search engine optimization;
  • Constant support and assistance from the community.

There are currently hundreds of them available, suitable for both simple platforms and much more substantial projects. Being so many, a CMS comparison it is the ideal solution for making a careful choice. Before proceeding to some examples it is necessary to make a distinction between free software, known as open source, and proprietary, closed source:

  • Open Source: they can be used by everyone. Anyone can use it, without having to pay any license. They can be modified according to your needs. In this way, businesses and individuals who prefer this option have a significant saving of money. This software is produced by a vast community and made accessible without any constraints;
  • Closed source: in this case the programming code is not available unlimitedly and free of charge, but rather with the purchase of a license. The application is "worked" by a company, owner of the source code, and subsequently sold as a commercial product.


CMS comparison

Below is a CMS comparison of the most popular software used by users: WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Typo3 are open source; private instead vBulletin and Adobe Dreamweaver.


It is certainly the most renowned, with just under 20 million active users. A real must in the sector, which continues to beat the competition in terms of content and appreciation. It is particularly suitable for blog managers. It installs in a few minutes and has a pleasant graphical interface that intrigues visitors, with a great variety of widgets and themes. Very simple to use. Among the negative aspects is a greater sensitivity to attacks by hackers.


There are 2.5 million consumers, thanks to the extensive professionalism in the administration of a website. There is continuous support, also in Italian, from the developers, as well as a large number of extensions, more than 7000. The most esteemed ones, however, are not free.


It's about the creation of Social Publishing spaces. Almost 800 thousand users, who can benefit from over 35 thousand extensions and greater customization in content management. The modules can only be installed via FDP.


It is more suitable for the creation of E-Commerce. Thanks to its flexibility and its "nature" it allows you to create excellent e-commerce, significantly lowering the cost of development. It has been calculated that between the Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition approximately 40% of E-Commerce sites globally were built with this platform.


Prestashop is a complete solution for creating your own e-commerce, compared to Magento it enjoys greater flexibility even if the cost of integrating some features is significantly higher. It is estimated that today there are approximately 270,000 E-Commerce websites created with this platform. The strength of Prestashop lies in its community which has more than 1 million members. 


For the realization of my projects I chose to use WordPress because being the most used and versatile platform allows me to adapt it to my needs more easily. However, I must clarify that each project must be evaluated on its own as each CMS offers more or less innovative solutions. A second path to evaluate is that of creating a custom website. This solution should be recommended for large projects.


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