Social media and social networks: what are the differences

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Social media e social network they are terms often used as synonyms, but in reality they have very marked differences.

Digital is certainly considered an important part of our existence. The economic and socio-cultural context in which we live has been enormously influenced by the influence of the internet, as has the vocabulary we use every day. In fact, we frequently tend to use terms of Anglo-Saxon derivation with great normality, which have become part of our daily vocabulary.

Just think about the social networks, a great innovation of the new millennium which has radically changed the concept of relationships between people. At the same time, many use the term as a synonym social media, thus appearing apparently interchangeable.

But do they really have the same meaning? There are therefore differences between social media and social networks?

Difference social media and social networks

To understand the difference between social media and social networks Let's immediately analyze the meaning:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: set of systems (therefore the specific apps and programs) that allow the exchange of information and content between subjects;
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS: the users who use these services and give rise to a community that interacts on the web.

Therefore we have the means on one side, and the subjects themselves who use it on the other. The first are none other than the platforms where users spread certain content, che possono essere elementi testuali, foto, videoclip ecc. Stiamo parlando quindi di Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Whatsapp, but also all those facilities that promote the exchange of information (vedi determinati video games o enciclopedie online). Non a caso “media” trae la sua derivazione dalla lingua latina, ovvero strumento.

While social networks mean that virtual bond that is created between the people who are part of it. A real user group that goes to create a social network characterized by common elements and interests.

Social media and social networking

The key concepts for your marketing strategy

Noted the difference between social media and social networks we need to understand why this notion is so relevant. Who intends to create an online advertising plan, with a promotional campaign aimed at growth of your brand and the acquisition of new customers, must necessarily be aware of the real meaning that distinguishes them.

It is also true that the difference between these terms has now been cleared through customs, with the use of one or the other practically identical. But at the same time, professionals in the sector must keep in mind what the differences and peculiarities of these concepts are.


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