2 February 2024
Google Ads ad creation guide.

How to Create Google Ads That Capture Attention

In the current digital context, the ability to formulate an effective ad on Google Ads represents the border between the triumph and failure of a strategy [...]
17 July 2023
Insight into the fact that seo is not dead

Is SEO dead? Comparison with Google Ads

Is SEO dead? Comparison between search engine optimization and Google Ads. We live in a digital age where marketing strategies are [...]
January 13, 2022
Pay per click Google Ads

Making investments with Google Ads campaigns

If you want to promote your business, Google's most widely used pay-per-click network in the world offers excellent revenue opportunities Google Ads: what it is, [...]
October 24, 2018
Google Auction Information Report

Google Auction Information Report

The Google Auction Information Report is a valuable service for checking the productive capacity of one's Google Ads ads, in relation to those [...]
5 September 2018

New interface Google Adwords becomes Google Ads

The new Google Adwords interface presents a simpler and more instant way of use. Thanks to graphics that are very easy to understand and quick to execute, with some [...]
March 30, 2018

Composing a text ad in Google Adwords

Composing a text ad Many people ask me what is the secret of a good Adwords campaign, usually there are no special secrets. Creating a great [...]
9 March 2018

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing helps you reconnect with people who no longer use your app or website without [...]