January 11, 2024
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How to protect my email with Mail Protection

How to protect my email: learn how Shellrent's Mail Protection improves the delivery and security of your emails. The ideal tool for protecting your [...]
2 July 2022
google analytics privacy guarantor

Is Google Analytics illegal? Here's how to fix it

Google Analytics is illegal: after the official announcement by the Italian privacy guarantor, the beneficiaries of the service must "come into compliance" with current regulations [...]
29 November 2020
privacy and cookie policy, privacy policy and cookie policy, privacy and cookie policy differences, privacy and cookie policy what are they, privacy and cookie policy statement

Privacy and cookie policy: the differences

Privacy and cookie policy: what are the differences and elements that distinguish these documents relating to data tracking. The one related to cybersecurity is [...]
3 September 2018

Google Play Protect what is it

What is Google Play Protect: here is the security system for the Android universe. Continuous control over the applications present on the Play Store and on the system devices [...]
16 August 2018

Stop gambling advertising, many inconsistencies

The stop to gambling advertising is among the main focuses of the Dignity Decree promoted by the government that took office a few months ago. This is a maneuver that will have a strong impact [...]
22 May 2018

DPIA: Data Protection Impact Assessment

DPIA: Data Protection Impact Assessment, impact assessment of the protection of private data Here are the main characteristics of the DPIA, Data Protection Impact Assessment, the impact assessment of the [...]
18 May 2018

WordPress and GDPR

THE new data protection regulation known as GDPR is a topic that is currently "inflaming" those who work on [...]
17 May 2018

Who is the DPO – Data Protection Officer

DPO – Data Protection Officer, the professional figure created with the EU regulation on privacy To guarantee greater protection of personal information, the European Union has [...]
16 April 2018

GDPR Checklist

GDPR checklist, how to adapt your website to the EU privacy regulation To comply with your website with the general privacy regulation, promoted by the Union [...]
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