2 December 2018

Xiaomi Mi 8 review: price and features

Xiaomi Mi 8 review. Among the terminals of the Chinese brand we are going to explore what is considered the top of the range. A powerful and pleasant smartphone [...]
22 November 2018

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite review: features and price

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite review. With its entry into the international market, the Chinese company confirms itself as one of the main brands on the rise. Highly crafted products, sold ad [...]
23 October 2018

Samsung A6 2018 review: price and features

Samsung A6 2018 review. Buying a top of the range smartphone may seem unaffordable given the high costs. However, this problem can be overcome by adopting [...]
19 October 2018

Honor 7X review, features and functionality

Honor 7X review. Given the Honor terminals of recent years, the path taken is very clear: excellently made products at an affordable cost. The spin-off [...]
17 October 2018

Samsung Note 8 review: the best phablet around

Samsung Note 8 review. The Note series promoted by the Asian company is back in the limelight. An unnerving wait, in light of the failure of Note 7, which was withdrawn from the market. With Samsung [...]
13 October 2018

Samsung S8 Smartphone Review 2017

Samsung S8 review. Buying a top of the range smartphone may seem like an inaccessible thing. However, this problem can be overcome with a simple solution: turning [...]
13 October 2018

Samsung S9 review, the smartphone of 2018

Samsung S9 review. Among the top of the range smartphones, Samsung S9 is certainly the one that stands out the most. An attractive style and a construction sector of [...]
10 October 2018

Sony XZ1 Compact review

Sony XZ1 Compact review: the compact smartphone from the Japanese company has become a must on the international scene. Top of the range features at your fingertips. [...]
10 October 2018

Honor 9 Lite Smartphone Review

Honor 9 lite review: the Chinese spin-off company of Huawei aims to become the leading brand in the mid-range smartphone market, with a [...]
6 October 2018

Xiaomi Redmi S2 smartphone review

Xiaomi Redmi S2 review. Xiaomi continues to churn out new models, perhaps a little too many. The Asian brand, which is widely taking off on the international scene, [...]
3 October 2018

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, the Chinese company's best buy has fallen below 200 euros on Amazon. Such a price that makes it the top [...]
3 October 2018

Honor View 10 review

Honor View 10, the younger brother of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, with top-of-the-range features at a truly competitive price. Honor, a brand belonging to Huawei, is [...]
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