January 18, 2019

Samsung Note 9 review: price and features

Review Samsung Note 9, the Korean company's flagship smartphone aims to become the best phablet around. Samsung Note 9 review Samsung Note 9 price [...]
26 November 2018

Samsung A8 2018 review: price and features

Samsung A8 2018 review. Among the many smartphones launched by Samsung in the mid-to-high range, this A8 differs in premium materials and a compartment [...]
23 October 2018

Samsung A6 2018 review: price and features

Samsung A6 2018 review. Buying a top of the range smartphone may seem unaffordable given the high costs. However, this problem can be overcome by adopting [...]
17 October 2018

Samsung Note 8 review: the best phablet around

Samsung Note 8 review. The Note series promoted by the Asian company is back in the limelight. An unnerving wait, in light of the failure of Note 7, which was withdrawn from the market. With Samsung [...]
13 October 2018

Samsung S9 review, the smartphone of 2018

Samsung S9 review. Among the top of the range smartphones, Samsung S9 is certainly the one that stands out the most. An attractive style and a construction sector of [...]
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