26 February 2024
Guida Google Contatti su sfondo blu.

Salvare i Contatti su Google Contatti Facilmente

In un mondo sempre più connesso, avere i propri contatti organizzati e facilmente accessibili può fare la differenza in termini di efficienza e produttività. Google Contatti [...]
28 November 2018

Google Pixel 3 review: price and features

Google pixel 3 review. The Mountain View company also has its say from a smartphone perspective, with a product of excellent workmanship. Pixel 3, released on the market [...]
November 24, 2018

Google for non-profits free services

Google for Nonprofits represents a great opportunity for nonprofits. In fact, these are a fundamental reality to guarantee constant support and [...]
October 12, 2018

Length of page titles improved by Google

In September 2018 there was an increase in page title length: is this a temporary change or will it see the chrism of officialdom? In the meantime we show what is [...]
5 September 2018

New interface Google Adwords becomes Google Ads

The new Google Adwords interface presents a simpler and more instant way of use. Thanks to graphics that are very easy to understand and quick to execute, with some [...]
Gianluca Gentile